Your professional headshot is every bit as significant to your career success as your resume; it matters not what industry you are in. When considering a photo, make sure that the following elements should be taken into account:


Examine the headshots of those you aspire to be like in your industry. Do they adhere to a certain style? This will enable you to get a sense for how you would like your own photo to appear.

Pick the right photographer

Prior to the photography session, it is essential that you and your photographer are completely in sync. Explore their portfolio and reviews, communicate clearly what look you’re hoping for, as well as how the photograph will be applied. This way both parties ensure they have a clear understanding of expectations so everyone walks away satisfied with the results.

Inside or outside

Carefully consider the decision between a traditional studio photoshoot or an alternative non-studio setting. It is essential to ask yourself what kind of message you want your headshot to communicate and then make sure it fits with the atmosphere that best suits that narrative.

The location

When selecting a non-studio environment, discover an ideal spot and choose between either a ‘natural’ or ‘manmade’ atmosphere. You could opt for somewhere that is relevant to your profession: such as near government buildings if you are in politics, or next to a picturesque area if your role involves being outdoors often.


Choosing the right colors for your headshot is essential. I recently chose a strong blue cardigan and white shirt, which gave my image definition while working in harmony with my skin tone and hair color. To ensure you look perfect on the day of your shoot, practice wearing different garments beforehand and make sure to bring two or three options with you!

Hair and make-up

To make sure your headshot looks its best, practice the hairstyle and makeup you desire in advance. Neutral colors are usually a safe choice since they won’t overpower the image, while simple hairdos tend to work well too!


For a competitive edge, use a professional image on resumes and LinkedIn that exudes natural confidence. If you’re looking to apply for creative positions, set yourself apart by incorporating props related to your field in the picture! This allows employers to get an idea of your creativity as soon as they look at it – which is sure to give you an advantage over other applicants.

Where to use your image

Enhance your online presence and maximize engagement by uploading your image to all of the social media platforms you use, as well as adding it to both your resume and website.

What are your top tips for achieving a great professional headshot?

Ask Amy Levin how she picks a professional headshot!

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