What item brings out your inner power? Is it a handbag you purchased after months of saving, designer heels gifted to you on Christmas morning, or perhaps that one red lipstick shade that makes you feel invincible? Power and confidence are essential attributes for women of all ages to possess throughout their lives. No matter what your personal goals are, these qualities can help you succeed in achieving them.

Perusing Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy by Geralyn Lucas inspired me, as the author recounted her courageous journey with breast cancer and how donning lipstick for her mastectomy made her feel more powerful than ever before – even in a state of physical vulnerability. A seemingly minute item that young girls often dream of wearing on their lips drastically altered Lucas’ life and bolstered her courage in one of the most intimidating moments imaginable.

As young women, we sometimes find ourselves in need of a confidence boost – like when giving a presentation at work or before an interview, or even something as simple as dinner with our blind date. These situations require us to be strong and sure of ourselves; but more often than not. Now and then, it is essential to give ourselves an emotional boost to enhance our self-confidence. Having certain items (physical or emotional) can provide us with the courage we need when we are feeling scared, anxious, or overwhelmed. These objects enable us to feel unstoppable and more courageous even in times of difficulty!

A manicure is a surefire way for me to gain confidence. There’s nothing more satisfying than admiring your stunning hands that have been perfectly groomed and polished with the finest of details by an experienced nail technician. Manicures are one of my favorite beauty treatments because I have complete control over how they look. While styling hair and picking out clothes can be fun, those styles depend on a certain level of difficulty to maintain. But with my hands – no matter what happens – they’ll always appear stunningly beautiful!

By keeping my nails neat and groomed, I always feel ready to take on any challenge or situation that life throws at me. Maintaining this simple ritual gives me an extra boost of confidence when I’m feeling nervous. Although this is a discreet and ephemeral thing, it makes me feel like I can conquer anything. Before any significant events in my life, a manicure is always part of the preparation process – such as a gathering for networking purposes, an interview, or attending the nuptials of one of my buddies… Jenna never leaves her house without first having her nails done impeccably.

I can still recall the first time I heard, “please pick your color.” At that moment, I was merely 8 years old and had grown accustomed to watching my mom get manicures routinely. When I saw how opulent and essential it was to get a manicure, jealousy quickly filled me. At long last, it was my turn to be pampered; a feeling of delight and joy washed over me as the technician carefully prepped, groomed, and lacquered my nails. Experiencing a professional manicure at such a young age is an unforgettable memory. As I grew, each life-changing milestone—such as my first communion, proms, and weddings—was marked with another manicure that had special significance to me. I also treated myself to manicures in moments of distress, like when I was feeling homesick during my college freshman year or prepping for a major class presentation. As a career-driven woman, I take the time to get a professional gel manicure every two weeks and for those extra special occasions. With my nails done, I feel like a force to be reckoned with – beautiful, confident, and powerful.

This seemingly small and insignificant thing has a powerful effect on my perspective, mood, and emotions. Those four little words I heard as a child have served to shape and influence my life in remarkable ways. I feel invincible with these ten fingers, adorned in whatever color I desire. The world is mine!

What object gives you immense strength and confidence? Share your answer in the comments!

Inquire of Lauren Maillian Bias, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Gen Y Capital Partners, what gives her the assurance to take on any challenge!

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