Just recently, I proclaimed to someone that I inventory my outfits and necessary items prior to traveling. They might have thought me a bit odd, however, the following week they asked if they could take a peek at it! That was certainly an accomplishment. From then on, I decided that our Levo community ought to know my travel tactics while attempting to garner more tips from all of you experienced travelers out there!

While I’m not much for organizing my clothes for the regular work week, travel brings out a different side of me. When it comes to packing lists and preparing for trips abroad, I am way more meticulous! My spreadsheet is perfected down to every last detail. Traveling really brings joy into my life as nothing else can.

I’m a master packer and hate checking bags, so I make an effort to be extra organized with my packing. By making a detailed spreadsheet of what I need for each trip days before, there are several advantages: (1) you know exactly which items must be washed or dry-cleaned in advance; and (2) when you’re quickly throwing everything in your suitcase at the last minute, it’s nice to have that list on hand as a reference so nothing gets forgotten!

Want to know how to create your own packing spreadsheet? I always start by planning out what outfit I’m going to wear each day, both during the day and at night. Then, on a separate tab of my spreadsheet, I list all the items that need packing according to category (pants, shirts, etc.). This helps me make sure not only that I have enough options but also remember everything!

A few other tips I’ve found useful:

  • While packing for my recent Chicago-to-Boston adventure, I stuck to a color palette of black, tan, and white with some print accents. This made coordinating outfits so much simpler!
  • When selecting shoes, make sure to pick pieces that are distinct yet suitable for a variety of ensembles. For instance, I opt for one pair of high heels and two pairs of flats.
  • Investing in a travel steamer is an absolute game-changer for travelers and will make your journey infinitely easier.
  • Transform your look from day to night with two stylish and eye-catching chunky necklaces!
  • Don’t forget to pack your chargers – they are essential for keeping all of your gadgets charged during a trip!
  • Streamline your packing and travel in style by investing in a traveler’s accessory, makeup, and toiletries bag. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it makes the process of getting ready for your next trip!

Now, I’m curious to learn what strategies have been successful for you when it comes to travel.

Do you have any masterful packing methods? Let us know in the comments section!

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