There’s a lot of talk about how mentorship is no longer useful or even accessible. It might seem like mentors are some kind of magical beings that, once they take an interest in you, will show you the way to success. But neither of these things is accurate–mentorship isn’t dead and it isn’t impossible to find a mentor. Mentorship is a necessary professional tool, and there are many mentors out there who can help us achieve our goals. We’re excited to share how we’re redefining mentorship for a new generation of women who want to reach the top.

Mentorship Is Essential

We believe that mentorship is not only relevant but essential, despite the conversations about the differences between mentorship and sponsorship.

When it comes to mentors and sponsors, the main distinction is what they say to you versus what others. A mentor offers value by saying things that guidance or provide advice when you two are talking in person. on the other hand, a sponsor provides worth by singing your praises to other folks when you’re not around.

Mentors Provide Guidance and Encouragement

If I had a nickel every time a young woman told me she couldn’t find a mentor, I could easily fund my children’s trust funds. However, by re-imagining what mentorship is, we realize that they are everywhere. No one ever succeeds completely on their own.

A mentor is somebody who helps you see things more clearly and achieve your goals through guidance and support. Although a vast majority of young women have never asked for one, most people in their lives would fit this definition. Successful mentorship works both ways and often involves sharing common interests, maintaining communication, expanding networks, and learning more about what drives you.

Mentorship Can Happen Online

If you want a mentor, the first step is exchanging ideas and building rapport. To help with this, Levo is launching its new mentorship feature: Ask a Question. With it, you can get advice from professionals that have experienced similar challenges as what you might be facing currently in your career journey. These mentors derive joy from sharing their stories to help elevate others professionally.

Levo League understands that people still crave personal guidance and direction, so they are using innovative methods to make mentorship more available than it has been in the past.

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