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Your March Check List: 10 Tasks You Must Accomplish This Month!

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Spring is here? Well, if you are the East Coast today then not so much but I swear it is coming (March 20 for those of you who care is the first official day.) But what is really important it is a new month and a chance to attack each day with a new energy and ferocity. Here are a few activities we think you should keep in mind!

1. Celebrate Fastnacht Day (Today!)

Grab a donut (or cronut for those of you who in New York who feel like waiting in line). Your mouth will thank you.

2. Celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8)

You should live everyday like it is International Women’s Day, but on this day especially keep in mind some of these amazing facts about this very special group you belong to. Just a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Researchers have claimed that women speak about 20,000 words a day on average. It’s just 7,000 for men.
  • According to, women produce half the world’s food but own only one percent of its farmland.
  • According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 39 million girls worldwide are not enrolled in school and are denied a secondary education.

3. Watch Lena Dunham Host “Saturday Night Live” (March 8)

Everyone’s favorite writer, producer, director and actor is finally hosting “Saturday Night Live”! Dunham has been a big supporter of the female cast members on the show including newcomer Sasheer Zamata.

4. Wear Mules

New York Fashion Week deemed these to be the shoe of the spring season so get your mule on girl! Here are some great tips on how to wear them from the shoe experts at Solemates. Maybe they have a pretty pair in nairobi blue (thank you Lupita Nyong’o.)

And for other shoe lovers be sure to check out Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe line that just hit stores. It’s more than just shoes.

5. Read I Am That Girl (available everywhere March 18)

Alexis Jones, Founder of I Am That Girl, has put a great book together (with a forward by her pal Sophia Bush) in which she shares her very interesting career path (which included red carpet hosting gigs and making it to the final rounds of “Survivor” in 2008) , as well as 30 stories by women who have overcome obstacles on their way to self-acceptance. The book encourages girls to embrace their uniqueness and combats gender stereotypes that are underlined in so many media portrayals. Good friend Kristen Bell told The Wall Street Journal, “Alexis helps me figure out my goals. I think this book will help other girls figure out their goals.”

6. Have a great brainstorming session

March is National Ideas Month so get a friend and start brainstorming (it’s also National Peanut Month so have a few peanuts while you are thinking). It can be about anything. The book you will write, the company you will start. Heck, try for world peace while you are at it!

7. Read, watch and live “Divergent” (March 21)

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a film about futuristic dystopic society with a strong but conflicted female figure at the heart (six months I’d say) so read this best-selling YA series and then go see the movie and then please explain to me what it is about.

8. Run outside

Hopefully it will be warm enough. It will get your blood flowing again.

9. Celebrate Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday (March 25)

This amazing trailblazer is turning 80 this year. And if you think her age is slowing her down, you would be wrong. Steinem said people will still come up to her and say, “Aren’t you happy? you won!”

“It’s not over,” she’ll tell them. “That’s ridiculous.”

10. Watch the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother” (March 31)

Ok so maybe you didn’t watch the show, but I bet one of your friends did and this is going to be a tough day for them. So support them through this because it is going to be a real tear jerker.

Gear up for Equal Pay Day!

April is going to be full of lot’s of great advice to get you asking for more in every aspect of your life. Stay tuned.

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