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photo of suffrage women

Exploring 13 Key Events in the Women’s Rights Historical Timeline

Trace pivotal events empowering change in the women's rights timeline. Ideal for International Women's Day advocacy!

woman eating sushi alone

The Career Truths That Susan Patton Is Missing

Susan Patton's recent article in the Wall Street Journal has sparked a lot of controversy. Here's why her ideas about women and careers are misguided.

Two women holding documents while standing in the office

A History of African-American Women in the Workforce

African American women have been making significant contributions to the workforce throughout history. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Four women with a different body type holding a sign that says "Every body is beautiful"

Let’s Applaud Mindy Kaling For Her Awesome Response on Body Image

This week, Mindy Kaling gave an awesome response to all the body shaming she's been receiving lately. Read her words and reflect upon your own life.

A woman reading a book on her desk

It’s Tough out There for Female Lawyers

More than half of law school grads are women, yet challenges persist. Gain insights into the experiences of successful female lawyers in this exploration.

A woman writing down notes while having a phone call

Hey Guys! Women’s Magazines Produce Real Journalism Too

Despite being some of the most-read publications, women's magazines are continually dismissed as real journalism. Here's why that's a problem.

a woman with a huge pile of books

Women in the News: Women in Leadership, STEM Women, and Maternity Benefits

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest news about women in leadership? Here's a roundup of some of the top stories from this week.

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