High Hopes

Good news! The class of 2016 is brimming with optimism concerning job prospects, regardless of the upsurge in underemployment. Most graduates prefer a workplace culture emphasizing exciting learning experiences and stimulating social interaction over salary, as proven by Accenture’s new survey—a ten percent increase from last year’s findings. Seventy percent of those surveyed would happily settle for less remuneration if it meant working at an organization offering an exceptional employee experience. Not only are 2016 graduates passionate about their chosen field of study – 69 percent selecting it due to genuine interest in the subject, but also highly considerate. With salary and benefits aside, 30 percent announced that they believe meaningful work or opportunities to create an impact should be offered by employers. How remarkable! Despite being idealists at heart, these millennials possess a degree of practicality as well. This year’s graduates had their minds set on success, with 80 percent citing job availability as a factor when deciding on their majors. These efforts are paying off – current research shows that 21 percent of the Class of 2016 landed jobs prior to graduation, an increase from 12 and 11%, in the past two years respectively. Investing this much effort into employment prospects could be your ticket to achieving career goals!

It’s in the Bag

Millennials may have a reputation for poor financial management, however they are proving to be responsible when it comes to buying handbags. They prioritize quality and style over flashy labels – who would’ve thought? I can’t help but find it amusing that their values don’t align with the belief drilled into me growing up that Chanel bags could cure any ailment! It’s heartening to see young people embracing being unique rather than succumbing to consumer culture. The NPD Group and Stylitics report that, although the U.S. handbag market has grown 5% since 2014 to a total of $11.5 billion in 2015, millennials have only contributed marginally to this growth. Millennials view purchasing a designer bag as an important decision (since they store items such as their phones) so they take time meticulously research all options before making any purchase decisions – proving how influential millennial shopping habits are! Unsurprisingly, research has found that a whopping 41% of millennials and an even higher 61% begin their shopping process online long before deciding to buy something. (Related: Prepare Yourself Professionally for Unpredictable Weather Conditions)

Cocooning It Up

Who doesn’t love discovering the latest fitness trends? But sometimes, all we want to do is nothing! That’s why Crunch Gym created Antigravity Cocooning — a unique workout that combines stretching with napping and luxuriating in an aerial hammock. Add some ambient lighting and calming deep breaths, you’re bound to have a truly delightful experience. So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, consider giving this weird class a try! Get ready for the newest workout sensation – an inventive hammock-like device that will make you feel like a character in a science fiction film! Not only does it provide your muscles with just enough of a quiver to keep them toned and fit, but also rewards you with points simply for taking some shut eye. Say goodbye to boring and exhausting workouts; this cutting-edge trend is here to stay! Don’t miss the chance to reap all of the amazing advantages that napping has to offer, as experts at Crunch Gym have demonstrated. From increased performance and decreased mistakes, it’s even likely that Arianna Huffington is engaging in this revolutionary workout trend herself! Find out more about The 5 Minute Workout You Can Do at the Office now and get started on your journey towards improved fitness today.

Levo Loves…

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Chelcey Tate have collaborated to launch an amazing new line of prints, drinkware, and apparel! Our favorite has got to be the “Dear Wine, I Love You. That is all. XoXo.” Such a beautiful sentiment that perfectly encapsulates how we feel about our beloved vino!

Also be sure to take the Levo 2016 Mentorship Survey as part of #MayIsForMentorship Month!

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