No need to feel guilty! Everyone is doing it and I’m not referring to sampling cookies before passing them out.

Forget about the traditional letterpress and handpainted cards; it’s time to go digital with e-cards! Our society is increasingly more comfortable with this method of sending greetings, so you can put away that old typewriter – no need for it now. With e-cards, you can send a thoughtful message without breaking the bank or needing endless supplies of paper. Plus, your friends will appreciate getting a fun surprise in their inboxes!

We all know paper cards are beautiful, but in reality, how many of us actually save them? Not to mention, it would likely take a small storage unit at this point with all the greeting cards from holidays past. So why bother spending your hard-earned money on printing these cards when you could customize an e-card instead and reduce your carbon footprint? Doing so takes only minutes out of your day – think about the planet while being efficient this holiday season!

Are you passionate about HTML and CSS, and ready to get creative with animation? Then why not make a personalized e-card for your friends or family? Not only will you be able to flex those tech muscles of yours, but also add some unique flair that would sparkle up your portfolio. So go ahead – give it a go!

This year, let these websites take the wheel if you’re not feeling up to it. Trust me when I say that some of the holiday cards out there are far from pretty. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and scoured for only the most charming ecards so your content can really stand out! Here are my tried and true favorites:

1. Smilebox

Smilebox is an effortless and intuitive platform designed to help you compile treasured family memories into one cohesive place.

2. Just Wink

With Just Wink, you can send elegant ecards without any extra hassle. Our modern designs are sure to impress with their stylish simplicity.

3. Some Ecards

Endless humorous choices to pick from.

4. Paperless Post

If you’re looking for something special, welcome to the classiest e-card site around! We guarantee an uninterrupted experience with no pop-ups or ads – just beautiful typography.

5. Punchbowl

If you’re nostalgic for the traditional envelope and stamp, Punchbowl is here to give your digital greeting card experience a personalized touch by providing custom-made envelopes and stamps. A modern twist on an old-fashioned classic!

6. Katie’s Cards

Are you ready to add a touch of pizza and excitement with animations?

7. MoMA eCards

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated greeting card that speaks to your appreciation of the fine arts, then this selection of ecards from the MoMA archives is exactly what you need. 

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