Holding my newborn daughter in my arms for the first time propelled me to push forward and fight for a better future. Despite being a young, single mother with an impending sense of difficulty ahead, I had no intention of giving up on my education or letting go of this chance to create something beautiful for us both.

As I tried to strike the perfect balance, it proved difficult at first. Whenever confronted with a choice of whether I should work, study, take my daughter to the park, cleanse my vehicle or manage my finances; all seemed equally important and thus warranted a flip-coin decision.

What I require is an agenda that permits me to manage it all, but more significantly one which reserves time for myself. Amidst such a bustling lifestyle, it’s simple to become overwhelmed and neglect the most critical individual in our families; ourselves. Taking just some brief moments each day simply for “me” can have exceptional benefits on your mental health as well as increased efficiency in other areas of life!

When The New School University provided me the opportunity to complete some of my undergraduate studies online, life suddenly seemed more accessible. Before then, I was regularly running around town for evening classes and often felt overwhelmed by it all—I even considered quitting at times! Fortunately now though, many universities are offering their courses through an online platform with a comparable cost, making them much easier to access.

TeacherEase made my daughter’s grade school experience and my life simpler. Through their online portal, I was able to sign up for all of her classes quickly from the comfort of my home. This platform has been a lifesaver! Linking my email to the school portal helped me remain updated on all the relevant information. I was able to get notifications, access reports and progress cards, monitor attendance, see announcements, and much more! A lot of schools already have online portals or are in the process of creating one for ease of use by parents. If your child’s school has yet to offer parents a helpful resource, be sure to communicate the significance of this and how beneficial it would be for you as an occupied parent.

My daughter is now a teenager, she will be starting college as a freshman this fall. I’m beyond proud of her and myself for navigating the difficult journey that led us both here today. When I thought this long-awaited day would never arrive, here it is! For those attempting to manage family life and school, my best advice is to not have any expectations of being a “Super Mom.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life, here are three ways to help restore balance:

1. Don’t forget that prioritizing your self-care is essential. You are the linchpin of your family, after all!

2. Put your priorities first and foremost. Streamline activities online or cut them out of your routine entirely. Ask yourself which tasks you can consolidate to save time and energy.

3. Ease your burden. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, seek out the help of those close to you like a loved one, friend, or neighbor. Don’t be afraid to reach out; it’s perfectly normal to turn to others for support in times of hardship!

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