Last month, I celebrated a huge milestone – my 30,000th mile! And what better way to honor it than being on an airplane? As I type away these words from the cabin of Indianapolis to Washington DC, I can’t help but feel immensely proud of myself.

At a recent get-together, my friends and I had an engaging conversation about our appreciation for United Airlines’ JFK-SFO PS service. Speaking of which, at Local Levo Indy’s event we chatted further on the same topic! Yes – you read that right; I do tend to discuss airline travel at gatherings (aside from boasting enthusiastically about think-cell software and Excel). To top it off, this is not even news to members of the Levo community as they are already aware that packing for trips requires its own dedicated Excel model in my book!

Loyal to My Line

At times, conversations can become captivatingly competitive. It’s almost as if we are cheering for our respective teams! I exude pride in United Airlines. Caroline is a huge fan of Virgin America. Leslie has loyalty to Delta and since Maxie flies with me, she must like United too—even though I’m sure the cool lighting at Virgin America appeals more to her.

As I sit here on the United plane with my conveniently stored bag in the overhead compartment, I can’t help but think of how much better it is than other airlines. Take Delta, for example; they once denied me entry onto a flight because they said my bag was too big and that I had missed the check-in time limit. On top of that, it just so happened to be my birthday! With United, however, these inconveniences are unheard of – allowing for a smoother flying experience every single time!

Whether you fly with the same airline or not, loyalty will be repaid in kind. No doubt air travel has its share of both positives and negatives, however, where you choose to spend your hard-earned money matters — it can make a world of difference when it comes to your journey! Benefits such as skipping security lines, being first on board and additional legroom are all yours if you commit to one particular carrier. Make the right decision today for stress-free trips tomorrow!

Air Travel Is My Kind of Magic

I’m passionate about travel for a few reasons: Firstly, I am impressed by the process and operations of traveling. Secondly, it’s my own little bit of magic! When I take off in an airplane each week, the marvels of technology become clear to me; with air traffic control syncing up flights and pilots navigating sinuous airspace while monitoring weather patterns – that all happen so seamlessly – is nothing short should be celebrated as a wondrous miracle. Furthermore, when my flight experiences delays or cancellations due to unexpected circumstances like bad weather or mechanical problems, customer service agents are always there ready to rebook me at a moment’s notice – truly impressive!

Despite that, there are still countless areas in which travel could be improved. I find it fascinating to contemplate how the TSA and flight operations processes can be optimized while traveling–it’s essentially a real-time business challenge!

After much trial and error, I’ve uncovered simple tips to make air travel more enjoyable and stress-free. Let me know what strategies work for you in the comments below!

Make Your Next Flight a Breeze With These Travel Tips!

1. Be loyal to an airline. When selecting an airline, take into account your most frequently flown route as well as the level of comfort you experience. The perfect equation to consider is Price x Comfort x Frequency.

2. Check in as early as you can… online, if possible. With this option, you can effortlessly switch seats and avoid being stuck in the middle seat!

3. Don’t check bags if you can help it. Lugging around a bulky suitcase is both cumbersome and time-consuming. But, if you’re looking for techniques on how to travel light with only a carry-on bag for up to two weeks, take a look at this article! Additionally, consider carrying an extra large tote along with your rolling luggage – it’s an effortless way of keeping everything together neat and tidy throughout the journey.

4. Smile. And be helpful. When you find someone at the airport who could use a helping hand, don’t hesitate to offer yours! Not only will it benefit them in their time of need, but smiling and being generous have been known to help reduce anxiety when traveling.

5. Think ahead about the security process. To ensure a smooth entry through the security checkpoint, have your computer and any other items ready to be placed in separate bins when you arrive. Knowing where all of these objects are before arriving will make it easier – plus, you’ll look super organized! Taking off shoes and jewelry ahead of time can also save some valuable seconds, making your transition seamless.

6. Know your stress level. If you are comfortable with the risk of possible delays and enjoy being on your flight as one of the last passengers, go for it; but if that is not for you, be sure to arrive at the airport in advance. You can make travel stress-free when you plan ahead!

7. Grab an oversized water bottle at one of the airport kiosks. To feel great the entire flight, make sure you’re hydrated! The tiny airplane cups won’t cut it – bring an empty water bottle to fill once you board.

8. Take the items you want out of your carry-on before you sit down. For a stress-free flight, ensure you are well prepared – pack your favorite book or magazine to flip through during take off, store your laptop away for later use as permitted on board and bring along a water bottle plus a credit card in case you’d like to purchase drinks or snacks. Minimizing the amount of fussing around mid-flight can help keep everyone’s nerves calm and make the journey tranquil!

9. Get the app. I’m absolutely elated to have stumbled upon the United Airlines app! Now I can easily book flights and check in with my smartphone – what a convenience! #love.

Bonus tip—Instead of using your miles to purchase a standard coach ticket, utilize them for an upgrade instead. You’ll get more bang for your buck as the value of the upgrade is significantly higher than that of a complimentary plane trip.

What advice do you have for making a flight relaxed and worry-free? Let us know below in the comments!

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