I am entirely confident in my path to success. After I left the conventional 9-5, I was unbendingly determined never to have a boss again. Now is my chance: if there ever were an opportune moment for me to realize my ambitions, this is it!

I committed to the 7 Strategies of High Net-Worth Individuals and removed any other potential options. It was time to establish definite goals and strict timelines, and minimize procrastination. At that point in my life I felt a decisive shift—in my heart I knew if I wanted success as an author and entrepreneur, it would require me to step out of the box. With no one else’s voice leading me but my inner dialogue spurring me on, this was where the change started for me!

I chose to invest in my own growth by taking time for myself, cutting off communication with certain friends, and canceling my cable subscription. Instead of girls’ nights out or glamorous parties–all distractions that provided unhealthy validation–I began putting energy into activities that actually mattered to me. This decision was not easy; however, it has ultimately been beneficial as I have regained control over the worth I place on myself.

Investing time in solitude gave me a new outlook on life. When I’d venture out, I saw reflections of my former self everywhere – women who were reminders of how unstable and uncertain I once felt. It reminded me that there was a period when all I craved was approval from others to feel worth it. Explore the transformative journey of how to validate yourself and embrace self-worth from within.

I didn’t grasp the significance at first, but I truly required all those compliments. They were essential for a sense of assurance and validation of how I looked, my intelligence level, or even my accomplishments. Before long enough what other people considered me became exactly what I saw in myself. Each year I dedicated a substantial amount of money to beauty treatments and products; appearances were paramount in my mind. Additionally, on many occasions I found myself making inappropriate comparisons between my financial security, education level, and apartment size with those around me – even going as far as not owning any flat shoes!

Step by step, I created a figurative house of cards–and if you haven’t seen Office Hours with Kevin Spacey yet, give it a watch! The stress from the exterior world became too great for me to withstand eventually; after an arduous breakup and other turbulence in life, my metaphorical castle crumbled down. Explore the process of how to give yourself validation and rebuild your sense of self-worth from within.

In that instant, I understood the weight of my exhaustion – trying to fulfill others’ expectations instead of being true to myself. Women often feel an immense amount of pressure from society; desiring us to be desirable, successful in our careers, and able to juggle family life as well. Striving for it all had taken a toll on me and left me feeling overwhelmed.

By now, I have reconstructed my life in a way that is markedly distinct from the past. To opt out of all external noise and subsequently put faith in me was an easy decision to make.

While it’s not always easy to achieve the ideal partner, job, boss, and family situation all at once – we need to remember that our world is ours alone to create. Through meditation and introspection, we can access a voice within ourselves that will provide us with guidance as well as validation of who we truly are. This inner wisdom should be embraced in order for us to reach our full potential!

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