It’s Friday, which means you get to finally let go of all the stress from the week and prepare for an amazing, relaxing weekend. This core and hip exercise from The Globe and Mail is perfect for unwinding while still getting some work done. It’s a simple, three-part workout that you can easily do while finishing up that last Excel spreadsheet:

Step one: Hip raises.

To do this desk exercise, sit up straight at your desk with your arms facing forward. Bring your right hip up toward your right elbow, almost like you’re doing a side crunch. Repeat this on the left side four to six times before switching sides.

Step two: Hip tucks. 

While sitting up straight with your feet on the ground, move your pelvis forward toward the desk, then back so that your tailbone arches toward the chair. Do this three to five times. (For all you yogis out there, it’s similar to doing a cat and cow pose—except upright).

Step three: Hip circles. 

For the final exercise, you will utilize steps one and two simultaneously. As you bring your right hip up to meet your elbow, also tuck in your pelvis. Then, do the same thing with your left hip, making sure to arch your back this time so that your tailbone goes toward the back of the chair. Repeat once or twice before switching sides and lifting your left hip as you tuck in the pelvis again. It’s essentially like hula-hooping without an actual hoop!

We’ve been testing out some office-friendly stretches, and our obliques are feeling it! Share your favorite desk workouts in a comment below.

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