I share, Therefore I Klout

In the past, during HR’s Golden Age, you were judged for your suitability and competency in a role based on aspects such as resume information, physical appearance, personality traits, and expertise.

And so the Internet revolution began.

When the public heard about a marketing firm that passed on an experienced professional due to their low Klout score in favor of someone with higher numbers, it sparked fear across the web. Suddenly those who had yet to build up their online presence where they wouldn’t be taken seriously by employers.

After a few amusing cat videos, the atmosphere lightened up considerably. Plus, it was an effective way to encourage more people to join Klout. Let’s face it: job seekers have experienced the blow of rejection due to small and seemingly insignificant details such as an outfit color, a font style on their resumes, or even a single punctuation mark in their cover letter. This often occurs despite being equally qualified candidates for the position.

We are living in the age of 2012, and our success is measured by entities such as Klout scores. However, does Klout actually live up to its promise of revealing one’s influence offline or online? The response to the question of whether or not a professional should have an online presence is contingent on many factors. This includes how involved you want to be in social media if you are willing to manipulate your online score, and if there’s one single word that can accurately reflect what areas of expertise you possess as well as demonstrate who makes up your network virtually. Despite the claims from Klout’s haters that its “influencers” are not as relevant in reality, it remains to be seen just how true this is. The infamous Klouchebag score may give us an indication, but only time will tell.

How To Klout

Ever heard of Klout? It’s an online platform that evaluates your interactions and influence on various social media websites, eventually producing a number between 0 and 100. This numerical rating is determined by employing the help of a complex algorithm. If you want to be considered a major influencer on the internet, then having a high score is essential. On average, scores range from 20-30 which indicates respectability; however, anything above 50 will classify you as one of the top elite in your field. It’s that straightforward! Although the algorithm’s specifics are shrouded in mystery, we do know that it evaluates three different metrics: True Reach (your impact scope), Amplification (the strength of your influence on others), and Network (how influential those around you are).

Klout gives you the opportunity to connect your profiles from various networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. But don’t expect a high score just by having many connections. To achieve success, you will have to engage in online interactions as much as possible if you want your Klout score to reflect this. Don’t let yourself get carried away with boasting about how many friends or followers one has – connecting and interacting is what counts for increasing your Klout rating.

If achieving a high Klout score is part of your plan, then you ought to take the following steps:

  1. Engage in meaningful conversations with people. (Preferably, influencers with excellent ratings)
  2. Generate and disseminate content worthy of being shared on the web.
  3. Increase your reach and engagement by motivating people to share your content with their networks.

Put simply, Klout rewards you for playing the game. Neglect this opportunity to engage and your score suffers as a result. Winning is certainly worth it when it comes to garnering success with Klout!

As you strive to beat your peers in score progress, which factor is most essential? Undoubtedly, “Shares” have become the apex currency of our 2.0 world. To become a respected influencer, it’s wise to identify an area in which you can specialize; If you become an expert in a specific area, it will help you get ahead faster than having just opinions about anything and everything. Klout is like a game; the more you know its rules, the better your score. Leverage this knowledge to work for your benefit!

A Career Booster?

Will you still be able to succeed in the workplace and be regarded with respect even if you don’t invest time into your Klout score or play games? Absolutely!

Whether you’re a seasoned or novice HR specialist, it’s easy to interpret the numbers. With thousands of resumes arriving at your desk on a regular basis, where do you begin? You start by looking at the data! Although we are all distinct individuals, numbers often determine the way we are judged and perceived: The Klout score is just another number, much like SAT, GPA, or credit scores. It’s important to remember that these numbers should not be the only data point taken into consideration when making a decision; because none of them can accurately portray an individual’s potential. Klout scores are entirely too easy to game, making them an unreliable measure of anything but one’s ability to play the system.

In some fields, such as PR, journalism, marketing, advertising, or even sales, it is imperative that you keep track of your score to ensure that it constantly increases. Failing to do so can have serious consequences on your success in these industries. After all, it’s expected to be involved in social networks. Nonetheless, a high Klout score doesn’t necessarily signify that you are competent for the job since there is still some mystery surrounding how Klout calculates its scores. Klout scores demonstrate your commitment to mastering the game of social media. It reflects that you are dedicated and have devoted time to elevating your personal brand, further showcasing yourself in a creative way.

Perks for Klout Points

Major corporations and their marketing teams are reaping the rewards of Klout as it offers an immense opportunity to boost word-of-mouth advertising, allowing them to experiment with budgets. The real winners in this competition are those that utilize Klout’s potential! For decades, word-of-mouth has been heralded as the most effective and desirable type of advertising. After all, we tend to make buying decisions based on the reputation or recommendations from our trusted circle. That’s how we acquire confidence in a product enough to purchase it. Klout introduces a reliable metric that accurately illustrates how valuable your suggestions are. However, whether the number it produces is embraced by the public at large is another topic altogether – yet there’s no denying its utility.

Every marketer desires to take a number and pinpoint their financial resources on the select individuals who will be singing praises about their business. For brands, it’s like having a loyal online cohort that will happily accept some swag in exchange for their devotion. When determining a niche to focus on, it’s important to reflect on the rewards associated with each field. For instance, being an expert in luxury handbags or picturesque beach resorts may be more enjoyable than mastering pest control solutions or treating diarrhea.

On the other hand, you don’t have to resort to lavish tokens of appreciation. A high Klouts score can be your ticket for priority customer service, hotel upgrades, and discounts on items you wish to purchase – all without breaking the bank!

We all need to feel special and valued. It’s the small things that make us stand out from those who think Klout is either an energy drink or a workout routine. Being an influencer can be achieved by anyone willing to do their research; having a high score will grant you remarkable power!

Can You Beat the Aflac Duck?

It’s essential to remember that Klout only gauges your influence on social networks, exclusively in the digital realm. Even Justin Bieber has an unbeatable score of 100; a mere eight points higher than President Obama (92). The average score of this year’s TIME’s 100 List sits pleasantly at 62. As an interesting comparison, even though it is not part of the list, the Aflac Duck still presents a respectable 49 right of its webbed feet!

All Things Great and Small

With your expertise and guidance, you can lead people to the best restaurants or airlines for them to enjoy the finest pretzels. You have the potential to start revolutions, put your life on the line for what you stand for, and make a huge difference in society. There’s no comparison between an internet personality and an offline one. Chasing points and striving for a title can only make so much of an impact. Take bold risks and stand apart from the crowd with your imaginative concepts, or stay in line by echoing what everyone else has already said and adhering to someone else’s regulations. If you’re devoted to becoming an influential figure on Klout, it’s critical that you don’t lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, you are still just a follower. By pursuing the validation of others and consecrating your energy into matters that may not be of utmost importance to you, you are squandering valuable time and effort. Klout paints a superficial picture of one’s influence, privileging quantity over quality.

In the age of Klout and social media, it is essential to remember that People who don’t feel the need to please others are often more intriguing conversationalists. Our online presence should be seen as just a small excerpt of our lives since none of us live solely within this type of framework. Therefore, ratings on the web are only a slight snapshot into our comprehensive sphere of influence.

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