This week, let go of stress by implementing some or all of these relaxation techniques:

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  1. Get enough sleep so that you feel well-rested in the morning.
  2. Breathe in slowly and deeply, allowing your body to relax.
  3. Reach your arms above your head and feel the tension dissipate from your muscles.
  4. If you cook a meal, you get to enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor.
  5. Acknowledge the good things in your day by writing them down; it’ll help you see the glass half-full.
  6. Talk to your partner or best friend about your feelings.
  7. If your family is far away, tell them you miss them.
  8. Create a card for someone you miss.
  9. Observe a nature documentary and take pleasure in the stunning natural scenery.
  10. Grab your sneakers and enjoy a lovely stroll through the park surrounded by nature.
  11. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of candlelight.
  12. Try drinking some chamomile tea.
  13. Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin.
  14. Get some fresh air by going outside for a breath of fresh air.
  15. Classical music can help improve focus and concentration.
  16. Go to the gym to relieve some stress through exercise.
  17. Get moving and join a sports team for the game you love.
  18. Use the pool as a chance to relax and clear your mind from any stress.
  19. Treat your self a healthy smoothie.
  20. Make a dish that reminds you of when you were younger.
  21. Substitute your typical sweet snack for some dark chocolate to help lower your stress levels and blood pressure.
  22. Admire the beauty around us.
  23. Start planning your next big adventure!
  24. Organize and de-clutter your home.
  25. Keep your desk clean.
  26. Play and squeeze a stress ball.
  27. Consider signing up for a free yoga class near you.
  28. Join a meditation class.
  29. Draw yourself a hot bath and relax.
  30. Draw a warm, bubbly bath and relax.
  31. Release some of your tension by talking to someone who is positive and upbeat.
  32. Spend time with your favorite pets.
  33. Sip on some hot milk and enjoy.
  34. Have a short nap to feel more energetic.
  35. After a long day, sometimes all you need is to close your eyes and relax in bed for a bit.
  36. Go back to your childhood by watching cartoons and eating popsicles.
  37. Take a trip to your local museum.
  38. Go to the zoo to have a fun day discovering new and exotic animals.
  39. Look up at the stars.
  40. Let the rhythm move your feet and enjoy dancing in your home.
  41. Get out all of your jittery energy by jumping on your bed.
  42. Look your best by wearing your favorite outfit.
  43. Pamper yourself by giving yourself a manicure.
  44. Use acupressure techniques by pressing on specific points of your body to help alleviate stress.
  45. Find a hobby that you enjoy.
  46. Go back and read one of your favorite books.
  47. Shop for your next book at the library.
  48. A fun way to pass the time is to start a jigsaw puzzle.
  49. Make a collage of some of your all-time favorite photos.
  50. Turn up your music and listen to your favorite song.
  51. No matter what mood you’re in, belting out your favorite song always makes things better.
  52. Watch a classic Disney movie.
  53. Get those creative juices flowing by journaling every day.
  54. Invest in aromatherapy.
  55. Relax you remind by watching funny YouTube videos.
  56. Expose your time to viewing videos and photos of adorable animals.
  57. Gently rub your temples in a circular motion.
  58. Crossword puzzles are a great way to improve your problem-solving and logic skills.
  59. Make an effort to read the blogs you love.
  60. Browse Pinterest to learn new DIY ideas and new cooking recipes.
  61. Forgive and forget.
  62. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.
  63. Embrace your partner tightly.
  64. Plan your day ahead.
  65. Starting your day earlier will help you get more done.
  66. Play board games with your family or friends.
  67. Accomplish your to-do list.
  68. Donate your time to a cause that speaks to you.
  69. Try taking online tests about your personality.
  70. Smile always.
  71. Try to engage with strangers.
  72. Walk.
  73. Go out of your way to help others, like running an errand for your significant other.
  74. Place your hammock in your backyard and recline in it.
  75. Find joy in looking at art.
  76. Don’t try to do everything on your own – delegate or ask for help when needed.
  77. Envision your goal.
  78. Meditate.
  79. Scenic and long drive.
  80. Compliment others.
  81. Get your art supplies and express yourself through drawing!
  82. Stop overthinking.
  83. The next time you find yourself worrying or stressing, yell out “stop!”
  84. Don’t try to do too many things at once.
  85. Delete the emails you no longer need.
  86. Loose clothing will increase your comfort.
  87. Recite a poem.
  88. Sing or listen to your favorite songs.
  89. Buy some flowers from the pharmacy or supermarket and arrange them creatively.
  90. Try feeding birds.
  91. Learning a new language can be difficult, but it is rewarding.
  92. Schedule some time for a massage with your partner or friend.
  93. Open your home’s windows to let fresh air circulate.
  94. Freshen up your space with a quick spray of air freshener.
  95. Give your closet a much-needed makeover.
  96. Set up a tent in your backyard and have a camping experience without even having to leave home!
  97. Drink wine and enjoy life.
  98. Take a trip down memory lane with your pals.
  99. When raining, stay indoors, and sip hot cocoa.
  100. Light incense.
  101. Spend the night at your best friend’s house.

This article was originally published on POPSUGAR.

Photo: Unsplash

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