A recent Reddit thread had people discussing regrets from their 30s, providing an excellent opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. Whether you’re just starting your 30s or nearing the end, there’s valuable advice here for everyone.

1. The Shoulds

In your 30s, you’ll experience more societal pressure than ever before, but don’t let that restrict you. You might always worry about how owning a home, having children, getting married, or building a successful career are activities you feel like you should do. However, get rid of all those expectations and instead live life in the way that makes you happiest. Never feel like a failure just because your life takes a different path from what is considered normal—you only have one life to live so make it count and lived according to what works for you.

2. Not Spending Time with Parents

Many people in their 30s regret not spending more time with their parents when they were younger and could still do things together. Once your parents get older, it may be harder to do simple things like take a walk or go on vacation together.

3. Putting Work First

In your 30s, prioritize loved ones over overwork to avoid later regret. These years are precious, and time with those you love is more valuable than any promotion.

4. Spending Time on Negativity

People that bring you down will always be around, even into your 30s. So don’t waste time on them! Be aware of the people in your life who make you feel bad about yourself, and consider if those relationships are worth continuing. Also, try not to spend too much time focusing on negative thoughts and events that you can’t control—it’s not worth it in the end.

5. Thinking Your 30s Were Old

It’s common for people in their 30s to say “I’m too old for this,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People in their 50s and 60s would probably agree. Your 20s are when you’re supposed to take chances and live life to the fullest, and that doesn’t change just because you’ve gotten older. So enjoy your youth while you still can, and never lose sight of the child inside of you.

6. Not Putting Yourself First

It’s time to put yourself first for once! You may not realize it, but by doing so, you’re Camera able to take better care of the people and things in your life that matter most to you. When you neglect your needs, it can result in 30s full of regret. Your partner shouldn’t be the center of your universe– focus on yourself and what will make *you* happy instead.

7. Not Taking Better Care of Your Body

If you think you’re too old for something, it’s likely because you’ve been holding onto the same poor habits since you were younger. Letting go of those is tough, but if don’t take care of your body now, sooner or later it will come back to bite you.

8. Not Taking Chances

At this age, maybe you’re too cautious and the “shoulds” we mentioned earlier are holding you back. To break out of your shell, take some risks and live a little.

9. Not Saving and Investing Enough

A lot of 30-year-olds express regret for not starting saving sooner in life. By beginning to save earlier, you set yourself up for a more financially secure retirement. If you make haste in your 30s and invest now, rather than procrastinating, you increase the odds of retiring when you want to retire–on your terms.

10. Not Traveling Enough

See the world while you still can! Life gets in the way as we age, so don’t procrastinate your travel dreams. Make them a reality with this list of 10 stunning adventures.

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11. Caring Too Much About What Others Think

We often do this without realizing it, but it’s time to stop. In your 30s, focus your time and energy on people who truly matter to you rather than those who don’t give you a second thought. The people that appreciate and care for you will love you irrespective of any flaws or shortcomings.

This was originally posted on POPSUGAR.

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