Women are amazing, right? We have countless positive attributes, such as being strong, decisive, intelligent, and sensitive. Plus, we’re also creative and fearless! It’s a shame that we don’t always see ourselves this way! I find it fascinating that there is such a disconnect between how we see ourselves and how others see us. As a personal stylist for professional attire in the workplace for women, I’ve seen firsthand how true this is. So often, we women lack confidence and fail to remember that we are professional role models. When the lightbulb moment finally hits and we understand how valuable we are, it’s a revelation.

So how do we ensure that our clothes reflect the women that we are? I always strive to have a “mirror moment” with my professional clients. There’s nothing like the moment when a client sees themselves in the mirror wearing an outfit that compliments their figure, showcases their best assets, and radiates confidence. She turns to me with a new sense of possibility and power, saying “I can’t believe this was in my closet. I look amazing!” This is the moment when she truly realizes the potential her wardrobe has.

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I call this idea “Stylepowerment,” which means that our wardrobe choices are interconnected with how we value ourselves. When we feel good about our style, it gives us confidence that extends to all areas of our lives and career.

So let’s take some initial steps towards finding your own empowerment through style. Follow these 3 secrets to become a strong and fashionable leader through your own style of empowerment:

1. Start wearing skirts and dresses.

Wearing skirts and dressing professionally more often is something we should all consider in a professional setting. Men can’t wear them, so it’s an easy way to make ourselves stand out amongst our colleagues. If you want to look professional and feel confident in a skirt, I recommend choosing a shift dress, structured/ tailored fit and flare dress, or pencil skirt. The key is to find clothing that fits well and flatters your figure. The skirt’s silhouette reveals that you are a woman, while the structure and tailoring demonstrate power. In fact, some clothing silhouettes convey strength: for instance, clean lines, sharp edges, and taut fabrics. You will feel strong, powerful, and empowered when you wear this.

2. Walk with confidence. 

Do you have that one piece in your closet, whether it be a heel, dress, or blazer, that you only save for unique occasions? Your go-to suit is always there for you when you need to make a great impression. It gives you the confidence boost you need to take charge and be memorable. It’s interesting how we only save certain clothing items for unique occasions, don’t you think? I say: wear that piece more frequently! Wear it on a Tuesday, just because. You don’t need an excuse to rock your power suit. The reason? You deserve to feel confident every day.

3. If you’re ever feeling unsure, just let your voice be heard.

“Laurieisms” is one of my most famous styling tools and tricks that can change any outfit you have. For example, when you wear a belt around your waist (at the level of your rib cage), it produces some amazing results. There are two benefits to wearing a belt. Primarily, you appear taller and slimmer because the belt raises the eye-line to your waist which is typically the narrowest part of your body. Second, wearing a belt provides resistance around your core, encouraging you to stand up straight–a sign of confidence. One of my favorite things about having a waist is that it reminds me that I’m a woman. It makes me feel sexy, feminine, and confident.

These are the style tools you need to take your fashion game up a notch. For more help to know why dress code is important, visit LaurieBstyle.com where we empower people with great style advice every day. Everyone has a unique style, and it just takes unlocking that potential to bring it out into the world. I’m excited to see your own personal fashion sense emerge.

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