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Tryn Mirell

Tryn Mirell

Client Services Engineer

Basho Technologies

Software Mechanic


Basho Technologies

Client Services Engineer

* Supported Riak, a distributed fault-tolerant NoSQL database written in Erlang

* Diagnosed customer issues, provided real-time support during on-call hours

* Maintained debugging tools and diagnostics Ruby/Erlang

* Tuned database performance in cloud deployments (AWS/Joyent)

* Improved network performance with tcpdump and Wireshark

* Integrated ZFS with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Block Storage (EBS) on Ubuntu Linux

* Comparatively benchmarked multiple operating systems (Ubuntu, SmartOS), filesystems (ext4, ZFS), and storage backends (Google’s LevelDB, Bitcask) to establish best practices

Career medium 04
Career medium 03

Software Engineer

* Developed and maintained Ruby/Selenium framework for automated testing of, a
vacation rental reservation management system

* Wrote Domain Specific Language (DSL) for automated website testing, capable of converting English descriptions of behavior directly into runnable tests

* Supported Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) via Ruby’s Cucumber and Test-Driven Development
(TDD) via Ruby’s RSpec

* Migrated framework to the JRuby engine to integrate with existing Java (Selenium) infrastructure

* Migrated department from Subversion (SVN) to git, instituted code review policy, and created related
training materials

* Migrated and maintained continuous integration server (TeamCity)


Cisco via AeroTek

Software Engineer

* Worked with the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Signature Development Team to develop a test
framework to ensure network attack signature validity

* Developed libraries to control the Cisco IPS and network attack test tools (BreakingPoint, MetaSploit, Mu Dynamics)

* Developed Ruby on Rails front end for test framework, with Resque as the background job processor

* Integrated existing Java libraries into JRuby, adding scripting extensions to existing GUI code

* Developed a virtualization solution for the Cisco IPS, using QEMU and Virtual Distributed Ethernet
(VDE), allowing simulation of a switched network environment

Career medium 05
Career medium 04

BreakingPoint Systems

Application Protocol Engineer

* Implemented and upgraded protocol simulators for BreakingPoint’s Storm/Firestorm network traffic
simulation and monitoring device

* Reverse engineered protocols based on existing client/server implementations

* Wrote new Ruby API to communicate with the product via XML

* Maintained Subversion (SVN) source control system, wrote new build system and automated test suite

* Debugged and performance tested a new TCP/UDP, IP, and Ethernet stack written in Ruby

* Debugged MRI Ruby interpreter with gdb to address memory leaks and performance in Ruby C



Software Engineer

* Developed new cross-compiling Linux build system for Linksys-branded products on MIPS, ARM, and PPC440 architectures

* Developed code license auditing system

* Developed disk and user management backend software to interface with UI

* Developed XML SOAP RPC applications allowing Linksys MediaHub to communicate with other
devices for Digital Living Network Alliance Universal Plug and Play (DLNA/UPnP)

* Interacted with open source software projects to push patches upstream

Career medium 02
Career medium 01


Software Engineer

* Administered servers and applications (J2EE) for real-time processing of electronic payment cards

* Administered Apache/Tomcat services, set up dynamic load-balancing and failover

* Wrote new code in Perl and Bash, debugged Java EE transaction processing applications

* Provided 24x7 support during on-call rotation, handled multiple system and application failures

* Debugged network issues using protocol analyzers (Wireshark, tcpdump, netcat, socat)

* Debugged and wrote new reports in Hyperion and JasperReports for applications


The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Linguistics