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Todd Shupe

Todd Shupe

wood science leading projects


Todd Shupe is a philanthropist who jumps at the chance to participate in charity foundation events in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Todd Shupe

Dr. Todd Shupe ›

Todd Shupe: LSU Professor

Dr. Todd Shupe oversaw establishing the school’s Wood Durability Testing accredited lab and worked to maintain that accreditation throughout his tenure. ›

Dr. Todd Shupe - Philanthropist ›

The Patents of Dr. Todd Shupe ›

Dr. Todd Shupe – A Proven Quantity ›

A Review of Dr. Todd Shupe ›

The Hopes & Dreams of Dr Todd Shupe ›

Dr. Todd Shupe - A Brief Background ›

Todd Shupe The Scientist ›

Wood Sciences Expert Todd Shupe

Wood Sciences Expert Todd Shupe Says Material ‘Is Good Medicine’ ›

Todd Shupe Explains Significance

Todd Shupe Explains Significance of, and Market for, Bio-Based Spray Foam Insulation ›

Wood Sciences Expert Todd Shupe

http://www.toddshupelsuwoodblog.... ›

Life of a Scholar: Dr. Todd Shupe ›

The Agility of Dr. Todd Shupe ›

Dr. Todd Shupe

The Multiple Professional Organizations of Dr. Todd Shupe ›

Todd Shupe

Todd Shupe Explains Hydrothermal Processing Used On Chinese Tallow Tree ›

Todd Shupe

Todd Shupe Explores Frequently-Asked Question: ‘Are Wood Preservatives Safe?’ ›

Todd Shupe’s Take On Christian Lead

Todd Shupe’s Take On Christian Leadership at Home ›

Todd Shupe Explores ‘Sheep & Goat

Todd Shupe Explores ‘Sheep and Goats’ Passage, Significance ›

The Life of a Scholar Dr Todd Shupe ›

Todd Shupe & Wood Science Consultin

Dr. Todd Shupe founded Wood Science Consulting, LLC, to provide companies with advice on correct testing procedures. ›

Dr. Todd Shupe

Dr. Todd Shupe’s Role as the Quality Manager at Eco Environmental ›

Todd Shupe: An Innovative Leader

Todd Shupe is highly regarded as a true leader. Over the course of his career, he has maintained several director positions and has been an inspiration to his students as a distinguished professor. ›

Affiliations of Todd Shupe

As a renowned expert in his field, Todd Shupe is a valued member of several academic and science related organizations. ›

Dr. Todd Shupe's Study

What to Know About Dr. Todd Shupe's Study of Moso Bamboo's Permeability and Mechanical Properties ›

Todd Shupe's Three US patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Department has granted Todd Shupe three different patents for his discoveries and contributions in the discipline of wood science. ›

Professional Awards of Todd Shupe

Todd Shupe has displayed his dedication and passion for the field as he strived to conduct research and become an active member of the field’s scientific community. ›

Todd Shupe: Essence of Generosity

Todd Shupe is a model citizen who goes out of his way to help the underprivileged in his community and throughout the world. ›

Todd Shupe’s Scientific Publication

Todd Shupe illustrated his ability to provide insight and clarity in the field of wood sciences. ›

Todd Shupe - Man of religious faith

Dr. Todd Shupe utilizes his professional training in conjunction with his belief in a higher power to give back by developing sustainability projects. His efforts to create environmentally friendly construction plans are driven by an awareness of the human race’s responsibility for the health and safety of our world. ›

Todd Shupe: Wood Science Expert

Dr. Todd Shupe is a widely recognized scholar in the field of wood science. Working in many areas within the United States and across the globe, he strives to educate others on his insight in this domain. Todd Shupe has spent many years pursuing research in wood science ›

Todd Shupe Scientific Impact

Dr. Todd Shupe established a method of retrieving heavy and potentially dangerous metals from CCA-treated wood prior to its decommissioning. ›

Outstanding work ethic of todd Shup

Dr. Todd Shupe is a professional with unquestionable leadership skills, intelligence, and the motivation to fulfill his potential. ›

Todd Shupe wood science expert ›

LSU Professor Todd Shupe

Todd Shupe has had an outstanding work ethic throughout his academic and professional career. ›

LSU Professor Todd Shupe - A Leader

Todd Shupe is highly regarded as a true leader. ›

Todd Shupes - Life Dreams.

Even though Todd Shupe has maintained a prosperous career, he never stops looking for ways to improve and expand his talents. ›