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#1: Melika Jahangiri

Jahangiri has skyrocketed up the business development corporate ladder, working everywhere from CAA to Merrill Lynch. Next on the list? Getting her executive MBA at Cornell University.

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#2: Samantha Cooper

This entrepreneur took the idea of a statement necklace and made it into a thriving business, Trend Tribe. Not only that, but she helps students in college find purposeful work by allowing them to run their own jewelry boutiques.

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#3: Ivanka Trump

This woman’s reach extends far beyond her powerful name. As the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at The Trump Organization and founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection, a multi-category lifestyle brand, she’s proven herself as an innovative force to be reckoned with.

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#4: Sophia Bush

This Levo100er has made a world of accomplishments aside from being someone you watch on Chicago, P.D. (though we do love the show, Sophia!). Just take I Smell Great, which she co-founded to revolutionize the perfume shopping experience—making it simple and fun, not overwhelming.

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#5: Emilie Aries

Raise your hand if you felt burnt out this year. (That would be, oh, 99 percent of us?) Aries has a solution for that—her company Bossed Up helps busy users practice self-care and live more mindfully.

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#6: Kelsey Manning

You probably recognize Ms. Manning’s name because she writes fascinating stories for Levo each and every week—from stand up desks to the idea of saying “yes” to everything, she writes about it all. And that’s just her side hustle. By day, she’s and advertising and promotions coordinator at HarperCollins. NBD.

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#7: Lauren Bush Lauren

If you own a FEED bag, you can thank co-founder, CEO, and creative director Lauren Bush Lauren for that. Since 2007, FEED products have been working to fight world hunger by supporting the UN World Food Programme. Inspiring doesn’t begin to cover it.

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#8: Tracy Chou

She works for a little company you may have heard of: Pinterest. And as a software engineer, she has a strong hand in building the very tools you love. This year, she wrote a powerful Medium essay on an issue no one was talking about, but needed to be: the unfortunate stereotypes against Asians in tech. One word: must-read.

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#9: Shelby Christie

This most-viewed Levo member comes as no surprise—her Levo profile is fierce. And as a digital planning associate at Mindshare, which helps clients figure out how to max out their digital presence, so is her job.

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#10: Miki Agrawal

Disrupt is a word that’s overused in the entrepreneurship world, but that’s exactly what Agrawal is doing. Her company, THINX, makes beautiful underwear with patented technology that works to prevent leaks and stains during a woman’s period. Best part: a portion of the proceeds support girls’ education around the world. Great. Idea.

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#11: Cynthia Salim

While working in Geneva, Switzerland, Salim learned first-hand how difficult it was for women to find professional work wear that didn’t look dull. Solution: Citizen’s Mark, a lifestyle brand that offers socially conscious, empowering looks for the modern working Millennial.

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#12: Shiza Shahid

If you watch I Am Malala over the holidays, remember Shiza Shahid’s name. As the co-founder of the Malala Fund, she works alongside the Nobel Peace Prize recipient to ensure that girls around the world never have to fear getting an education and always feel empowered to achieve their dreams.

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#13: Ruzwana Bashir

Next time you book a vacation, know you have Ruzwana Bashir on your side. Her company, Peek, has turned the travel industry on its head by allowing both travelers and locals to book fun, immersive activities around the globe. Hot air balloon ride in Napa? Yes, please!

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#14: Janet Mock

As a transgender rights activist, founder of #girlslikeus, and host of MSNBC’s So POPular!, Mock is an all-around trailblazer. If her Levo profile isn’t enough inspiration for you, soak up 288 pages of her wisdom in her New York Times bestselling book, Redefining Realness.

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#15: Jacqueline Twillie

Frustrated over your salary this year? Twillie would probably agree with you. Her work as a Millennial career advisor and speaker aims to close the pay gap and empower women to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. (She’s even teamed up with Levo’s annual #Ask4More campaign!)

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#16: Adam Braun

Think about how vital your own education was to your career. Braun understands that, which is why he created Pencils of Promise, a global organization that works to make sure every child has access to quality education. Intrigued? Grab a copy of his New York Times bestselling book, The Promise of a Pencil.

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#17: Erin Bagwell

This Levo100 creative honoree got her start by quitting her job in advertising to start a feminist storytelling blog, Feminist Wednesday. And come Spring 2016, she plans on inspiring us again with Dream, Girl—a documentary highlighting the stories of ambitious female entrepreneurs. Excited? You bet we are.

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#18: Blair Eadie

If you have a pair of Tory Burch flats in your closet, you would definitely hit it off over coffee with Blair Eadie. As the brand’s director of merchandising, she has her hand in everything from shoes to handbags to accessories. Dream job: check. Side hustle? Check mate—Eadie’s fashion blog, Atlantic-Pacific, is just as packed with eye candy.

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#19: Yael Cohen Braun

When Cohen Braun’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, she was inspired to take action. Five years later, the organization she co-founded, FCancer, has reshaped the conversation around cancer to be more human and authentic. And tools like StandWith, a care management app, have molded the case into an all-out movement.

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#20: Lindsey Andrews

After a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to press a button and—poof!—a glass of wine is sitting right in front of you? Andrews is making that happen with her innovative app, MiniBar. Now in 15 cities, you can order wine, liquor, or beer the next time you want to celebrate an accomplishment big or small.

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#21: Rebecca Minkoff

Minkoff’s big idea: make luxury handbags, accessories, and footwear affordable. The people agreed, and her name is now known around the world as one of the hottest fashion brands to date. Her latest pursuit: athleisure. Shop her sports bras and yoga pants and you’ll be the chicest girl at the gym. No contest.

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#22: Jackie Cruz

If you watch Orange Is the New Black, you watch Jackie Cruz. She plays the feisty Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales, and says she knew they were making history from the very first season. “I had never seen, growing up or until this day, a show with such a diverse cast and especially women—all of these wonderful colors and sizes,” she says.

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#23: Tristan Walker

Walker knows that one beauty product doesn’t fit all. Enter Bevel, a first-of-its-kind company that offers a complete shaving system for men with coarse and curly hair. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—his empire has grown into Walker & Company Brands, which works to make health and beauty easier for all African-Americans.

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#24: Bozoma Saint John

We interrupt your regular dream job programming to discuss Saint John, who is head of consumer marketing for Apple iTunes and Beats Music. Prior to that, she was the head of music and entertainment marketing for Pepsi. #GirlBoss? She takes the crown.

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#25: Alexa von Tobel

In a world where Millennials are crippled by student loan debt, Von Tobel has made financial planning accessible to the masses. LearnVest gives financial advice to people nation wide, and is a major success story for entrepreneurs: In 2015, the company was acquired by Northwestern Mutual after raising a cool $72 million in capital.

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