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Stephanie Taunton

Stephanie Taunton

Hesperia Zoo Animal Lover


San Bernardino County, CA

Stephanie Taunton, founder of Bow Wow Productions, a studio animal training company for over 20 years.





What to look for When Hiring a Good Dog Trainer - Stephanie Taunton

Nowadays, the majority of the dog owners, seeking for the right dog trainer to make groom their dogs. Stephanie Taunton says when you are choosing a trainer, make sure you select someone according to your need and requirement.

Stephanie Taunton | Basic Obedience Training for Dogs

As we all know basic training is very important for your dog or puppy. In this video Stephanie Taunton shared Basic Obedience Training for Dogs to teach, it also gives her a mental workout to stave off boredom.

Stephanie Taunton | Dog Training Tips

Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she has been a sought-after seminar speaker on various training techniques throughout the country. She is an accredited California State certified dog trainer.

Stephanie Taunton | Best Dog Training Tips

Having a pet is a wonderful experience for some people. In any case, when you choose to adopt a puppy or dog into you and your family's life, you may wish to train your new family member. Stephanie Taunton dog training tips will help you train your dog in less than 15-minutes per day. You can find some more interesting tips at

Stephanie Taunton | Guided Tours and Events Boo at the Hesperia Zoo!

Boo at the Zoo is a neighborhood of safe Halloween entertainment, with spooky delight around every corner, including animals on exhibit each evening. There is a Creepy Crawly Critter Animal Show after the flashlight tour, and each child receives complimentary treats, so bring a trick or treat bag! Kids and adults are encouraged to wear fun (not too scary) costumes.

Stephanie Taunton - Dog Distraction Training

Take your dog outside for dog distraction training to a confined area such as the park, fenced yard or schoolyard. In this video, you see successful dog distraction training by Stephanie Taunton

Stephanie Taunton | Hesperia Zoo Animal Trainer

An animal trainer is who trains animals like birds, dogs, horses, wild animals for the zoo, circus, movies, and television. Stephanie Taunton is a professional animal trainer having 20 years experience. She lives in California and running Bow Wow Productions an animal training company.

Which Mistakes You Should Evade When Training Your Dog

Actually, dogs have the mindset of a human toddler and their attention spans can be short. And for some dogs, you will have better achievement with 5 to 10-minute session states Stephanie Taunton Facebook profile.

Few Effects to Consider before Visiting Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you an animal lover like Stephanie Taunton? If yes, then you must like to visit wildlife sanctuary as well. Most people say it is difficult to understand the language of animals. However that’s not true, every animal lover understands their language and emotions.

Stephanie Taunton | Few Things to Consider before Visiting Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you planning to visit Tucker wildlife sanctuary on Monday? Well, it remains closed on Mondays and on other major holidays. So, it is advisable to plan your trip accordingly, if you do not want to get disappointed. Exploring wildlife sanctuary is a fun activity for animal lovers. Do you want animals to be a part of your birthday parties or any other occasion? possible now.


Stephanie Taunton | You Must Visit these 5 Places in California

Travelling never cost you much if you have planned the activities and prepared the shopping list in advance. Don’t you agree? Well, if you are traveling to California and you are an animal lover like Stephanie Taunton, do not forget to spend some time among furry, hoofed and winged friends.

Are You an Animal Lover? You Must Visit these 5 Places in California

Safari West is the most adventurous place to visit in California. Here you can go on safari and see animals roaming wild and soaring free. Furthermore, you will enjoy the zoological gardens with jumping lemurs, and monkeys, birds singing in the tree top, cheetahs, and much more. Hold on! This is not the end, here you can experience safari glamming camp as well.

How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Pet? Let’s Find Out Here!

While shopping for pet strollers, you need to consider a lot of things. You should cogitate the lifestyle you share with your pooch suggest a supporter of Bow Wow Production. There are a lot of other questions that you need to ask yourself:


What to look for When Hiring a Good Dog Trainer - Stephanie Taunton

It is easy to search for them on Facebook or Twitter to know more about them. For say, you search Stephanie Taunton Facebook account or Twitter account, it is advisable to explore her followers, testimonials, feeds, and other activities. It helps you to know more about the trainer before taking a hiring decision.

Stephanie Taunton | Tips to Find Best Stroller for Your Pet

One of the important considerations while buying a pet stroller is the “size and weight” of your dog. Actually, most of the strollers are designed for small dogs. And the pooch needs appropriate space to sit and relax while transportation. Thus, if you have a big pet or more than one pet, there is a need to pay attention to the dimension of pet conveyance.


Explore the Bond between Stephanie Taunton and Animals

Stephanie Taunton has been an expert trainer and in 1989 she supported Bow Wow Productions, a studio animal coaching company. She has traveled the globe coaching dogs and exotic animals for movies and tv. She is that the author of the well-received coaching book “The Trick is within the Training”.

Best Tips for Teach Your Dog How To Roll Over

Stephanie Taunton is a certified dog trainer. She has trained many dog trainers successfully and now they all have prosperous careers of their own. Stephanie Taunton said roll over is cute and fun to teach a trick for your dog. Stephanie Taunton shares some tips on how you can stay with him lie down command.


CALIFORNIA – San Diegans love their pets. San Diego is the most pet-friendly city in California and the third most pet-friendly city in the country, according to a new report released by WalletHub.


Stephanie Taunton – About Bow Wow Production

Our facilities house numerous wild and domestic animals. You can be sure that our animals will be groomed, prepped and handled in a safe and humane manner!

Guidelines for Finding the Good Trainer for You and Your Dog

If you and your trainer are working to teach your dog to do something or refrain from doing something, you should be able to see the progress or results fairly quickly. If it is not getting you closer to your training goal, your trainer should be able to suggest several alternative approaches.


Stephanie Taunton | Adopt Animals from the Shelter

Stephanie Taunton says whether it is a human or an animal, every creature on this planet deserve to live a happy and healthy life. And to make to possible, most people prefer in adopting a pet instead of buying it. When you adopt, you save a life of a loving animal by making him part of your family.


Check out 10 Healthy Food Items you can include in your dog’s diet

Whether it is animal or human, healthy life is essential for every living being. Therefore, pet lover Stephanie Taunton encourage everyone to focus on the health of your pet as much as you focus on your health.

Bow Wow Production | Crunchbase - Stephanie Taunton

View Stephanie Taunton's profile on Crunchbase, the world's largest professional community. Stephanie has 1 job listed on their profile.

Stephanie Taunton | Best Food Diet Plan for Your Dog

Whether it is animal or human, healthy life is essential for every living being. Therefore, pet lover Stephanie Taunton encourage everyone to focus on the health of your pet as much as you focus on your health.

Stephanie Taunton - Family tree – Geni

View Stephanie Taunton's genealogy family tree on Geni, with over 180 million profiles of ancestors ... Share your family tree and photos with the people you know. Stephanie Taunton has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years, she is an accredited California State certified dog trainer.

How to Adopt Dogs That Failed Government Training for Being Too Nice

If you are a pet lover like Stephanie Taunton, there is a good news for you, now you can adopt one of those puppies. Isn’t exciting?

Stephanie Taunton | Best Tips to Adopt Dogs

Dogs have to go through several stages of training before they graduate as service dogs. They have to prove their fitness for the position. Lack of drive, nervousness, and a personality that doesn’t fit the position are the most common reasons for a dog to be dropped off the program.