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Simon Walker

Simon Walker

Web Developer, E-commerce Consultant

FME Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am a professional web developer & eCommerce consultant with over 6 years of experience. I am currently working for FME - a Dubai web design company. FME Dubai is a team of committed individuals who help businesses grow with their skills in web development, web designing, brand marketing, online customer acquisit...


Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher

Magento 2 auto currency switcher detects visitor's location and switches the language and currency of the Magento 2 store accordingly to give customers a localized shopping experience. It also offers manual switching to help customers who don't want automatic switching. The extension uses Maxmind IP database for detecting Geo location.

Currency Switcher Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Image Zoom

Magento 2 image zoom extension by FME allows you to facilitate your customers in viewing product images at a closer look. It allows them to apply a zoom magnifier to images and observe the mark, material, and other aspects of the product. They can also see the full preview of the image by enabling lightbox. Magento 2 image zoom offers several magnifier types.

Magento 2 Image Zoom

Magento Advanced FAQ Extension

Advanced Magento FAQ extension helps you clarify all your customer's queries quickly with a dedicated FAQ page. You can present all possible questions with detailed answers on one Magento FAQ page with any of the 5 themes. FAQs can be displayed in accordion style. You can classify questions by topics and enable search for easy navigation. Specify no. of questions under a topic.

Magento FAQ Extension

Magento Product Video Extension

Magento product video extension allows merchants to make their product pages more informative & attractive by adding product videos. They can add these videos by uploading from computer device or embedding from online videos sites. Product videos make it easy for customers to understand products. Make video galleries, customize title, description and more with this extension.

Magento Product Video Extension

Magento One Step Checkout By FME

Magento one step responsive checkout extension by FME simplifies & shortens the 6 step long checkout process into a one step process. It is an AJAX based loading extension which increases page loading time. Magento one page checkout extension allows you to know customer source, add comments section, change the color scheme & layout of the extension according to your preference.

Magento One Step Checkout

Magento Ajax Add to Cart Extension

Magento Ajax cart by FME allows customers to enjoy an uninterrupted shopping experience by freeing them from refreshing or reloading the page after adding a product to cart to get the cart updated. Customers don't have to go back to the category page to add a new product. Ajax add to cart Magento is best to make shopping interesting for customers due to its exciting features.

Magento Add to Cart Ajax

Magento GeoIP Store Switcher Extension by FME

Magento GeoIP store switcher extension from FME automatically detects every visitor's Geo location and redirects them to a local store to enjoy a localized shopping experience. This functionality allows customers to purchase region-specific products, shop in local currency and read the store in the local language. Magento store switcher helps Merchants also as it helps them gain more targeted traffic. This extension uses MaxMind datase which accurately detects Geo location. It also offers manual switching and IP exception options.

Magento Store Switcher by FME

Magento Store Locator - A Quality Extension by FME

Magento store locator extension, a highly trusted Magento extension by FME has been developed for multi-store owners. It allows customers to find the nearest physical location of the store. It is powered by Google maps so it displays driving directions on Google maps to the destination for customer's convenience. Use its exciting features to make your stores more prominent.

Magento Store Locator by FME

Magento Shop by Brand Extension

Magento shop by brand extension by FME is ideal for providing ease to your Magento customers in searching products. With this extension, they can easily search products from a specific brand, manufacturer or supplier. They can just type the brand name in the search box and it will filter all the products from that brand. They can also search brands by alphabetical listings.

Magento Shop by Brand

Web Development Dubai

Get professional web development services in Dubai from Dubai's leading web development company. Trusted and acknowledged by top corporate brands.

Web Development Services by FME

Magento Custom Registration Form by FME

Magento custom registration form allows you to add Magento custom registration fields to gather the information you want. It enables you to add 11 different field types like file upload, image upload, text box, checkbox, Date etc. You can validate these fields to get correct input. Make fields optional or mandatory, set a default value, restrict by customer groups etc.

Magento Custom Registration Form

Magento Add Custom Attribute to Order Extension

Magento add custom attribute to order extension enables you to add new custom fields to the checkout page like text field, text area, check-box, drop down, Yes/No, date, email, multi-select and message display. Set default value of each custom attribute and make them mandatory or optional. This extension supports input validations like email, integer, letters, etc.

Magento Layaway | Partial Payment Extension

Magento Layaway partial payment extension by FME allows you to sell your products and services in easy installment plans. You can set down payment, number and installments and installment schedule. Create layaway plan for a specific product or configure global layaway plan for the the entire store. Using this extension, you can display layaway orders information on cart page.

Magento Abandoned Cart Email

Magento abandoned cart email extension allows you to send auto reminder emails to convince customers with incomplete order to complete their checkout. It allows you to attach discount coupons and offer discounts in fixed or percentage amount. You can customize the email subject, select a template, select payment method to show in email, set time for sending reminder email etc.

Magento Abandoned Cart Email