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Shannon Noon

Shannon Noon

Interior Designer


Philadelphia County, PA

I am an Interior Designer with a love for materials & interior products. I have a reputation for being a finder, have been told I have a photographic memory (not true) & often speak in movie quotes. Lately, I have been working on creating spaces for your entertainment- places where you make memories & feed your soul.




"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." -Steve Jobs

Life is better when you are laughing

I am a firm believer in looking on the bright side & my glass is almost always half full.
I think laughter really can be the best medicine. Especially when your sides hurt and you are wiping away tears!


Interior Designer

Getting to see something you envisioned in your head get created in front of your own eyes never gets old.


Resource Coordinator

I have a great brain for music lyrics, movie quotes...and Commercial Interior Design products. Until I can figure out how to make a living w/ the quotes & lyrics, I have stumbled into the perfect specialty for me! When I hand a designer the exact thing they have been looking for and they know that I "get" them...that's just the best!


Momentum- Feature Story

Read about the design concepts behind this project, and about our work in related market segments.

Love. Live. Fillmore.

SAP/EMC suite at MetLife Stadium

The SAP/EMC suite at MetLife Stadium is an example of a suite utilized as a marketing center, a potential forerunner to a larger shift in the premium seating industry, one where venues double as convention centers or office buildings and are open seven days a week.

Redefining luxury
"Do you know where I can find..."

Iridescent Alligator?

I get asked to help people track down products all the time. There have been a few odd requests


Good People!?!

I am often asked for recommendations when companies are looking to fill their open positions. It's always flattering that they would like my input.


Office Hammocks?

This was a memorable one- a client wanted a place for staff to nap or decompress. Those lucky people!



A client wants mermaids on their bar, so mermaids I shall find!

Levo Leaders Brand Ambassadors

Front & Center - November 2016

Thanks for the shout-out LEVO! ›


Levo #POTD (Profile of the Day)


Front & Center- February 2016

Thanks for the feature Levo! ›


What's in a name?

One of the fun parts of my job is getting to see products before they are released to the design public. We might be asked to help narrow down color palettes, refine pattern choices or for naming suggestions.
I was very excited to see that my name suggestion for this wallcovering was the one the company chose!

Oval Office

Jacobs Wyper Architects

Interior Designer

They say when you work at a smaller firm you get the opportunity to wear many hats. In my experience, I’ve found that to be completely true. I had the chance to work closely with some of our clients, and see more of the design process in action. Our work ranged across market segments: Higher Ed, Commercial, Pharmaceutical, and Retail.


Thinking Talents

Some of this was not a surprise to me, but I found it interesting that this survey was able to identify that people open up to me and tell me their stories. That I’m a constant observer, an unapologetic researcher and that I am able to adapt with ease to different situations.

What are your Thinking Talents?


Junior Designer

It was here that I realized I had a skill for recalling details about interior materials and sources. It was a senior designer who noticed I had this ability, and I knew this was something that set me apart from my peers.
It was much later when I realized this distinct characteristic could end up being a focus of my skill set it was something I could build upon.

Richard W. Thom, A.I.A.

Junior Interior Designer

This was a real unique experience- Working while still in college and alongside of friends whose talents I greatly admired. I was included in my first client meetings, and I got to see things that I hand drew get built in real life. It was a great way to round out my education- with a real glimpse into what my future could hold.

Array Architects (Formerly: BLM Group)

Interior Design Intern

My first “real job”. I made connections here that I still encounter to this day. I saw what a real design library looked like, and how it was so different from the one at school! I learned the names of carpet and furniture manufacturers, and how to order samples. This was where I realized how fast paced this field could be, and that my decision to spend my summer in an office instead of at the beach had been the right choice.


Philadelphia University

BS, Interior Design

I still remember the slogan: A college in a park in a city. Around here, it's called PhilaU, but it took a while to stop calling my Alma Mater by the previous nickname- ‘Textile'.
This was a tremendous learning environment; I was in no way ready for what was in store. We worked harder than I ever had to work before. But we played hard too- but our play happened while we were working.
Having the interior design students work alongside the architecture students was invaluable. It set the stage for the way it would be in the real world. That interdisciplinary approach continues to make this design school a standout in the area.

Makin' my Momma proud