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Ryan Krutzig

Ryan Krutzig

Director of Sales and Operations Property Home Inspector

Property Home Inspections / Field Services


Ryan Krutzig is the Director of Sales and Operations to a property home inspections and field services company. In his current role, Ryan plays a crucial role in supporting the organization's growth.


What Sports Teaches Us About Leadership

Participating in teams sports provides many benefits to people. Obviously, sports help a person stay in great physical shape but perhaps a benefit that is often overlooked is how sports help develop interpersonal and personal skills. These interpersonal skills learned from sports translate very well to important leadership skills in the working world.

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Leadership Styles from Around the World

For those who rarely travel out of their home country, it can be a mind-blowing experience to realize that people in other countries approach many facets of life in dramatically different ways. One aspect of life that varies for every country is the type of leadership style utilized by top executives and those in power.

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How to Give a Killer Sales Presentation

Every salesperson needs a killer sales presentation. The presentation lets the customer know that your product provides the solution they need. It also shows that your organization provides the professionalism and dedication they expect.

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The Difference Between Workflow and BPM

Technology is continuously evolving leading to automation of most tasks in businesses. A successful business will require the elimination of wasteful practices and procedures to better control the quality and costs. Workflow and business process management (BPM) are critical in ensuring a business remain competitive and adds value to the customers.

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How to Lead Under Pressure and Remain Calm

Whether you are the owner of your own business or if you are in charge of a group of coworkers, knowing how to lead and remain calm under pressure are two of the most critical skills to have in the world of business. When you are capable of leading any number of employees, it becomes much easier to set and achieve goals that ultimately benefit your company and everyone involved

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Part One: How to Create a Great Work Culture

According to, the things most workers would agree are important – such as impressive salaries, months of vacation time, and light workloads – are not the top reasons that they value their jobs. Instead, employees prefer workplace perks and long-term benefits. Creating a great work culture is just as, if not more, important than salary and vacation time.

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Workflow Management: How to Tell If Your Business Needs It

It can be intimidating when things are getting (or have gotten) a little out of control. You might not be aware of the fact that you need to acquire better procedures, CRM, ERP, collaboration software, etc. You may even just need something as simple as a better way to manage your emails to make a huge difference in the efficiency of your workflow.

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Ryan Krutzig's Latest Blogs

Sales Leads: What You Need to Know to Convert Leads into Customers

Converting sales leads into customers does not happen by luck – it happens with practiced, intentional prospecting. Using certain time-proven methodologies can help increase your conversion rate and reduce the total time spent in the sales cycle. Below are three strategies that can apply to just about any industry and sales cycle.

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Personal Organization for Success

While an organized company is a productive business, you will have trouble cleaning up your business if you are not personally organized. Excellent organizers are successful because they create and stick to helpful tactics that lead them to be more productive. Here are my four tips on how you can become both organized and successful.

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How To Establish Yourself As A Leader

At some point in your life, you will be put in a leadership situation. Whether it’s your official job title or not, everyone will be faced with leadership responsibilities at some point. Many think of leadership as a position, but it’s also a mindset. Any and everyone can become a leader if they build the mindset and characteristics to be successful in the role.

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5 Qualities of Great Salespeople

To succeed in business, you must be a great salesperson. Whether it’s selling a product or selling your ideas, great salespeople are the heart of business. Salespeople do not become great overnight; rather their skills are developed over time. However, the best salespeople will have the following five personality traits.

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Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities

Teams that can work together efficiently and effectively will be the most successful. Unless you are a solo entrepreneur, you work in some type of team and success rides on how your organization works together; This is why team building and development is crucial to business. Team building activities are a great way to get your team to connect and work along better.

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Spring Cleaning Your Business!

The dreaded spring cleaning season has made its unsolicited welcome, and it’s sure to leave a trail of dust in its wake. Spring cleaning may not be fun but is exceedingly beneficial for businesses. Not only do spring cleanings act as the incentive for improvement, but they also prevent companies from growing stale.

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7 Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Sales Market

Today’s market is highly competitive, to say the least, and if you’re a salesperson trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Still, there are several ways you can make yourself stand out and hopefully capture a few more sales in the process.

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Interview Tips to Help You Land the Job

Job interviews are a stressful time for people, but knowing a few tips and tricks might help you feel more confident and leave the interview with a new job.

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Part Two: How to Create a Great Work Culture

According to a Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, 86 percent of respondents viewed company culture as critical or very important to business achievement. This percent is not surprising but what is surprising is that even though so many believe their company’s culture is essential, only about 12 percent said they think their company is “driving the right culture.”

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Benefits of Leadership Training

Strong leadership is crucial to the success of organizations, and this is a vital piece of the puzzle that many businesses miss. It’s not enough to simply hire staff who are well-versed in their field. Nor is having a quality product necessarily the key to a successful venture. Capable leaders can bring a company together and help to overcome a host of obstacles.

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