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Ruby Chan

Ruby Chan


Food Facts and Interesting Features of Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese preparations are unique and delightful. They are full of flavors and exotic. For the people out there looking for a true taste of Vietnamese cuisine, try out an authentic Vietnamese restaurant Eastwood. Their food is not only delicious but there is a lot that you can learn about the cuisine as well. After all, when you in fact get a chance to travel to the mysterious land, you will already know a thing or two about their food as well. Here are some of the most interesting facts and features that you need to know

about Vietnamese cuisine

The Features

• Vietnam is a cuisine that includes a very wide range of noodle. There are different kinds of the same, the most famous ones being vermicelli (Bun), Pho, rice noodle (Banh Da) – which again has 2 different versions: the red and the white ones, grass noodle (Mien), ka tieu (Hu Tieu), instant noodle and egg noodle (Mi Van Than). As for Pho, there are as many as 20 different versions of.


The Features Continuation

• One of the most popular preparations of Vietnamese culture is the Balut (Trung Vit Lon). Although it is popular in Asia itself, but Vietnamese cuisine has the oldest balut that had been consumed (19-21 days old). It is also the only country where the balut is served with Vietnamese coriander (Rau Ram). Another interesting thing about this place is that Vietnam has the very special quail balut (Trung Cut Lon). This dish is rather uncommon in other parts of the world.


The Facts

• Vietnam is the only country in the entire world where people consume animal blood. Some of the most popular ones are duck blood, pig blood, shrimp blood and dog blood.

• Vietnamese people do not hesitate at all in using parts of the pig for cooking meals. The organs include kidney, lung, heart and liver. Although it sounds gross, people say that it actually tastes quite good. The only part of the pig that they don’t use is its hair. They even use the toes to make the broth. “Pha Lau”, is a soup that is specially made with all the organs of this animal, and it is a very popular preparation in the Northern mountain regions of Vietnam and also served in restaurants like.


The Facts Continuation

• After Thailand, Vietnam ranks second for rice production in the world.

• Vietnamese people are the biggest consumers of instant noodle in the entire region of Asia. They consume this food even more than the people in Japan - which is the home country of this particular processed food.

• Between the different kinds of meat used, Vietnamese people tend to consume 15.7% of bird/chicken/duck, 77.5% of pork, 6.6% of buffalo/beef/goat and 0.2% of other types. The ratio which is considered average in the world is 25-30% beef, 40-45% pork, and 30-35% chicken.

If you want to try out authentic Vietnamese food, you should definitely go visit a Vietnamese restaurant Eastwood.