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Your Ultimate Guide to Travel and Exploration

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It feels like we were complaining about a never-ending winter just a few weeks ago, and now it’s already the end of June. June! For those of us at Levo, these past 30 days have felt more like 30 months. #startuplife. We made some awesome additions to our new products (check out all the cool things on your dashboard), we starting publishing some incredible news content, and we finally got into the swing of summer. As you think about all that you’ve done up until this point—and where you hope the rest of these warm-weather months will take you—check out our guide on all things travel and exploration.

9 Reasons Why You Should Take a Gap Year

What to do:

Hit up a food truck.

Explore life after college.

Stay fulfilled after graduation.

Fall in love with your dream job…again.

Pursue your passions.

Boost your creativity.

Learn the rules for working on vacay.

Don’t be afraid to be alone.

Travel the world through food.

Take a gap year.

How to Rid Your Mind of Clutter

How to do it:

De-clutter your mind.

Use social media to your advantage.

Read these to find your passion.

Listen to a podcast.

Learn from professional travelers.

Do this on a summer Friday.

Change the world with this job.

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