As you begin your next job, there’s a world of potential and opportunity in front of you. However, the reality is usually different than we envision it to be. As an experienced manager at LivingSocial who has trained hundreds of new hires over my time here, I’ve seen both novice mistakes made by those starting as well as more seasoned ones that even managers fail victim to sometimes. To help guide you through your first 30 days on the job with confidence and poise, here are four tips for success!

1. Build Relationships

As the new person in the office, you may be waiting for someone else to introduce you. But don’t count on it! You should never pass up a chance to self-introduce and make lasting impressions. Networking is like taking a crooked path; who knows what exciting opportunities await if you meet the right people? Take initiative and reach out–your future project or position could depend on it.

A secret I use is to not only interact with everyone in the room but also take notes about who was present. When you go back to your desk, follow up by sending each person an individualized email expressing that it was nice meeting them and anticipating future connections. To make searching my inbox easier, I incorporate a standard subject line (e.g., “Delighted to meet you!”) so that when I search my emails for prior contacts, there’s a list of all those whom I met along with the corresponding date we interacted on.

2. Show excitement for your role.

One of the most uncomfortable experiences I ever encountered was watching a new hire query about other positions within the company on their very first day. Even though it might be tempting to put yourself in contention for another job, normally organizations will only contemplate you for an internal transfer after three or six months of being part of your current position. Moreover, asking about additional opportunities may lead others to doubt your commitment and energy toward this role.

If you come across appealing openings in a department, try to get familiar with the employees who work there. Inviting them for coffee and casually inquiring about their ongoing projects can be an excellent way of showing your interest in both them and the company – not as if you’re just searching for a new job opportunity.

3. Know when to ask questions and when to go it alone.

As a new hire, there are undoubtedly some unfamiliar elements you’ll have to adjust to. This could be anything from getting the hang of using the phone system (which can feel quite embarrassing) to trying to discern what your organization’s strategic objectives are. To avoid feeling like an unwanted nuisance among colleagues, make sure you’re asking relevant questions and avoiding any unnecessary queries!

Having a notepad handy to jot down your questions can be extremely beneficial, as you will often find solutions on your own before having the chance to ask someone else. Once you have collected four or five queries, make sure they are concise and organized. When speaking with your supervisor about these issues, ensure that their answers plus how they found them have been noted accurately – this way, you’ll no longer need their help for similar problems in the future!

4. Learn how to be a casual professional.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a formal or laid-back office atmosphere, the same type of person always comes out on top – the casual professional. I’ve seen it happen time and again throughout my career experience with various companies.

Professionalism is always essential, and one should never stray from the fundamentals of it: punctuality at all events, accountability for tasks undertaken, and reverence for colleagues. Still, there’s no need to sacrifice your personality either; a successful professional can exemplify both elements simultaneously! After those long hours spent at work with coworkers become tiresome or boring without any respite – let them know more about you so that they get an insight into who you are – this will make them regarded as more approachable and considerate towards you!

As it can be difficult to strike the ideal balance, observe how people that are respected at all levels of your organization conduct themselves. If you believe they would do something similar, then don’t hesitate to try it yourself! To form strong relationships with your co-workers, why not share a few of the hobbies that you’re passionate about – be it food, sports, or art? Alternatively, at the end of a long (and rewarding!) week, contributing to snacks and beverages is an excellent way to show appreciation for all their hard work!

We sincerely wish you the utmost success in your new position, no matter when you start.

Are you still in your first month at a new job? If so, what tips do you have to share with others who are just starting and want to make the most of their initial time on the job?

Gain valuable insight from Levo mentor Sierra Tishgart regarding her initial month of employment!

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