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You Say Resolution (or Habit or Intention) I Say…

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Ah, the New Year.

The time of year we gaze at an endless stream of Instagram posts of “this year, I will…” encouraging (or bloody annoying) messaging [insert picture of a treadmill or gluten-free-almond based vegan concoction or inspirational message in an unrecognizable font here], knowing that before month’s end, we’ll likely have skipped that workout (or two), and succumbed to our primal cravings for salt, sugar and/or fat.

Perhaps this is where ‘over-sharing’ our intentions, ambitions and actions on social media (whether the communication is text or visual) has a plus side: accountability (and it’s close first cousin, encouragement).

Let me give you a couple of examples:

5 days ago (as of the day of writing this newsletter) over on...

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