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You Only Have 22 Days Left To Ask For a Raise: This Is What You Should Do

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Even though it is only September and it feels like everyone just got back to work, this is actually crunch time if you want a raise. See if you want that big raise by Jan. 1 you really only have until the end of this month to show your boss you are worth it, according to Inc., Getting a raise actually requires many steps on behalf of the company's operations. It can actually take up the whole 4th quarter for some companies so you should be booking that meeting with your boss now. Here are some tips for that meeting and getting the raise you want.

Set the scene: The meeting will most likely take place in your boss’ office, but if possible, see if you can have the meeting in neutral territory, like a conference room or another room where you may have an easier time standing your ground, suggests Tory Johnson of Women for Hire.

Prep, Prep, Prep: This is not a casual chit chat. You are there for a purpose which is to show the reasons why you deserve to be paid more. How do you do that? Quantify your accomplishments. Did you head up a project? Did you recruit an amazing employee? Did you woo that unattainable client? Try keeping a work journal and logging both daily tasks and big wins.

Give a little cushion: Once you come up with a number, pad it a little. Your bosses expect you to negotiate. Use sites like Glassdoor or PayScale to compare your salary to others in your industry with your experience. Don’t just ask your friends!

No isn't the end of the conversation: OK so let's say for some reason, and it is probably a good one, that you can't be given a raise. Maybe the company is struggling in some way or regrouping, this doesn't mean you can't ask for what you want. What about asking for more paid vacation time or work flexibility or just a better title? These things can all sometimes be worth the extra income.


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