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You May Be Stuck At Work, But At Least You're Not Faking Your Vacation Photos

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Now that it's officially summer, you've probably noticed an influx of fancy vacation photos all over your timeline. But if those Aruba pics look too good to be true, they may very well be just that--because it turns out an insane number of people fake their vacation photos.

Time reports that financial planning groupLearnVest conducted a survey finding that over a third of men have changed or chosen their holiday photos in some way to make it "look like they are staying, eating, or visiting somewhere more expensive than they actually were." We're talking posing in front of some fancy mansion or pool that isn't yours, or posting a meal or drink you didn't order, or cropping a photo so it looks like the beach is more secluded than it really is. And that number only includes the men who admitted to it.

Women also are guilty, with 26 percent admitting they've engaged in fake behaviors while posting their vacation photos on social media. But the real whopper of a number is how many millennials admitted their vacation photos aren't entirely truthful: 56 percent. While that number sounds rather depressing, Learnvest sees an upside: maybe millennials won't be as tempted as their elder generations to spend money they don't have.

The real moral here? Don't let yourself get down in the dumps when you see all those glowing Iceland pictures your friends are posting all over the place.

Siggi Weide / EyeEm for Getty

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