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Women in the News: There’s Not an App For That

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This past week marked the end of Women’s History Month, but somehow, there wasn’t all that much to celebrate. President Obama spoke wisely when he pointed out that women are not an interest group but sometimes – and especially during all the recent debates – it’s hard to believe.

Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act is on deck to be reauthorized – and possibly expanded to include immigrants and homosexual victims. The passage of the legislation would make sure that there is money for domestic violence prevention or victim support programs. We are in an election year and using women’s issues has become a seemingly easy target to use when wanting to create controversy. Many things are taken out of context, facts and information is left out and discussions often only get attention until the next controversy appears. But every now and then the discussion gets a face and political issues get very personal, such as the story of Representative Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin).

Women 65+ Earning Too Little to Cover Basic Needs

An analysis of census data revealed that about 60% of women over the age of 65 have an income that does not cover their basic needs. Many older women are facing greater financial risks and economic insecurity and do not know how to make ends meet.

Less income earned by women over the course of their working years results in smaller Social Security payments that make up a large part of the income later in life. The baby boomer generation will soon move into senior citizenship– so the problem might only get worse. Furthermore women generally live longer than men and marriage is not a guarantee for financial security anymore. Elder women’s poverty crisis is a largely ignored problem and many deal with it in silence. Fixing the income gap now will prevent that future seniors have to face the same problems and would save the government money and make sure senior citizen can actually enjoy their retirement.

A recently published study combines all of March’s important topics of women, contraception and wages and comes to a conclusion that almost sounds like it’s taken directly from a political argument: The report describes the pill as one of the reasons why the wage gap between men and women became narrower over time. The pill-induced wage premium is a result of women’s increasing work experience, higher productivity and education. There you go, pill induced wage premium certainly makes for a good headline.

Turns Out, Foursquare Postings are Public

We thought this was an early April Fool’s Joke: “Girls Around Me” is an app that informs the user about – yes, you guessed it – “girls around him”. The app uses data from Foursquare and combines it with public data such as pictures and personal data from Facebook, – of course without the permission and knowledge of the “girls around him”. It probably seems like a great idea when you sit in your mom’s basement and try to develop such a crucial piece of the oh-so-successful pick-up puzzle but in real life it has been stirring up a lot of controversy – and rightly so. Even though it teaches us another lesson about being careful with the information we share online, we can definitely file this latest stalking attempt under “creepy”.

Ginni Rometty may be first woman admitted to Augusta Golf Club

Even though the various spring fashion weeks are over, a certain green jacket has been making headlines lately: IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty might be the first women to be admitted to the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club that hosts the Master’s Tournament this week. The club has never admitted a woman as a member but always invited the CEO of its sponsors. Maybe Rometty will make a few more cracks into the glass ceiling with a golf ball – and hopefully wear a certain fashionably and well-tailored green jacket while doing so.

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