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Women and Higher Education: Women are earning more degrees

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American women are taking over higher education! According to a new report from the National Center for Education Statistics more women than men are now earning their graduate degrees.

But that’s only the cherry on the educational cake: Since 1980, when women surpassed men enrolling in college, women have gradually been setting records. 1996 was the first year in which more women than men graduated with a bachelor’s degree: Over 20 million women have a bachelor’s degree- almost 2 million more than men.

More women enroll in and graduate from college and the foundation for this direction is set in high school. Even though both male and female high school students have similar aspirations and plans for the future, women seem to be ahead of the game earlier on. The analyzed data shows that almost 60% of female high school freshmen plan on completing an undergraduate degree, compared to only 53% of male students with the same career goals. Four years later, still more female seniors want to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Women also take finding a college and pursuing a career seriously. More female than male high school students research colleges and get in touch with college representatives for more information.

It seems that female students have learned and are applying one of the most important lessons schools teach. That is, having an education gives you options, opens doors, and grants access to a variety of careers.

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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evie wiseman
evie wiseman

Women rule the world=) Yes, they better understand that today education is a need. But study at Eduzaurus shows that despite the fact that more women than men are now earning their graduate degrees, they still can't get better jobs than men.

Great article! I think we need to continue encouraging women to attend universities after high school. And if they don't want to, we should encourage them to pursue technical degrees or any other form of education they need to achieve their goals.

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