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Why Nicole Richie Thinks You Should Have a Mentor Squad

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At the end of March Levo, in partnership with Microsoft, was lucky enough to host a livestream workshop (you can watch it above) featuring our CEO Caroline and entrepreneur, actress (she stars on our favorite new show Great News), and philanthropist Nicole Richie. Together they coached, inspired and gave feedback to four very diverse, but wonderful female entrepreneurs who are trying to take their business ideas to the next level.

The four entrepreneurs all presented ideas using Microsoft tools such as PowerPoint, Word and OneNote and though their projects could not be more different, you could see their passion clearly. You could also see how much they appreciated the great feedback Richie and Ghosn provided.

But we had to ask such a dynamic, accomplished person about what her thoughts on mentorship were and according to Richie one just isn't enough. She says she has many mentors depending on what field she is working in. "I find it very important to surround yourself with not only people that have more time than you in the field you’re working in but also surround yourself with people working in different fields because in this day and age, they’re all bleeding together. And people know people, there are the connectors of the world that hear what you’re saying and say “oh, I think this could be helpful for you.”

Richie also says mentors do not need to be older than you. Some of your best friends could act as your mentors. "Really just surrounding yourself with, and also your peers, people who are doing the same thing as you. It’s not about keeping everything to yourself and keeping everything a secret. You should share with people around you and in turn they will end up doing the same and it’s only going to help everybody."

Watch the Facebook Livestream here and keep an eye out for more articles on Richie and Ghosn's advice from this workshop over the next few months at

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