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Why is it taking so long?

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Do you ever feel like your dreams are taking a really long time to come true? The career you want has not happened despite your efforts. The relationship you desire has not manifested even though you have feng shuied your house and have done Calling in “The One”. The debt you have been chipping away at still may take years to be gone. The health condition you have been healing still lingers.

And often it is not just our dreams or goals that seem to take their sweet time. It is also those pesky patterns and limiting beliefs that we invest lots of time and money in shifting that seem to keep showing up. You are frustrated that your inner critic still has a major role in your life or that your insecurities still block you from taking risks....

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Dreams are not always able to become true. We should struggle and give our best to make our dreams come true. There are some superior papers that provide some inspirational information for everyone to make their dreams come true. I am a big fan of such inspirational posts. Thanks a lot for sharing such information.


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