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Why Do you Want To Become a Leader in Your Local Community?

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We're looking for you, the natural-born connector who gets energy from supporting the community around you. You thrive on helping others in their career and you wake up every morning inspired to make the world a better, more equal place. You love Levo because of the connections you've made, the daily reminder that you're not alone in your journey to start your own company or finally take on that side hustle, you are living your dream and doing everything to find your passion and purpose. We're giving you the opportunity to LEAD. Why do you want to take on this responsibility and become a leader in your community?

Why do you want to become a leader in your local community?

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Xandria Erin
Xandria Erin

Some individuals may have a solid requirement for control. Others may have a profound should be acknowledged for their time and service assignment writing. As a group pioneer, your employment is to adjust everybody's needs, and additionally keep your sights focused on the work that should be accomplished for the gathering to advance.

I seek to be a leader in my local community because I love to connect others to great people, places, and products!

As a career services professional my day job is about helping job seekers make connections with employers -- I want these connections to be mutually beneficial and I love to see when an employer gets to hire an amazing talent who then is going to be able to give back and be a positive contributor to our economy.

As a a local leader I love to see when people connect with local brands whether that be a new restaurant or an entrepreneur with a product that just launched. Since becoming a mom and watching other moms take on entrepreneurial roles in order to support their families but also have more time with them has really gotten me interested in giving back to my local community and spreading the word about the great local talent I get exposed to.

I seek to be a leader to make a difference. It's not about "building up social proof or validation," it's not about "me" at all... I seek to be a leader in my local community because someone helped me. I believe as we climb up the ladder we should never forget where we come from and help those behind us to go even further.

I think many times, especially in certain communities, the youth coming up are put in a "career bubble" but they need to know there are more options out there. It's also about empowering one's community. Get the local businesses up to speed in social media and boost their digital identity. It's all about bringing people together as well as educating others so the community can be self-sufficient and self-supporting.

People need to make that sacrifice to give back. Knowledge is power. So don't keep all that to yourself or only for those who are willing to pay. Such work is not only satisfying to the soul and is necessary, but it truly does make a big difference and keeps you connected to the community.

Influence it to clear that you will take obligations and demonstrate your want to decidedly impact the corporate culture. Demonstrate that you are 100% of your choice.

Community involvement can be a very effective way for college students and recent graduates to demonstrate skills and leadership ability when they have little or no work experience. You just have to know how to show it!

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