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What is your mantra for dealing with stress?

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Welcome to our new Topics of the Day Feature! Each day we will be asking an important question about work and/or life and we want to hear from you! Whether you want to chime in with a few sentences or pen a long essay, just start writing below. Our community is so important to us and with our new conversations feature we can have real-time discussions about topics that are important to you.

Today's question focuses on how you deal with all the stress in your life.

What is your mantra for dealing with stress?

Put your answers and comments below!


Stress & Burnout Levo Inspired Topic of the Day
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Anything that will force you to focus on one thing. For me that's a motorcycle or bicycle ride. Swimming does the trick as well and helps you to learn how to breathe properly.

I need to remind myself of this one on a DAILY BASIS.

My mantra: This too shall pass.

My activity: baking. Having to measure, wait, and add everything in certain order for it come out perfect is my way to zone out and recharge.

My other helpers: two dogs and a cat. They are not my pets, they are my companions. Whatever I'm going through, I have to feed them and look after them. And, bless them, they are happy to just chill next to me and cuddle whenever I need a pick up.

#topicoftheday‍ #stress‍

My mantra from a meditation program that I attended:

" It is what it is and it cannot be any other way "

"I have the power to change it"

A good workout also always helps me de-stress!


Anyone remember Dinotopia? My mantra is:

"Breathe deep, Seek peace." ...accompanied by a round of deep breathing exercises.

Something that's been helping with stress and interpersonal conflict recently is "Peace begins with me."

Walking / Jogging would help


Fix a hot cup of tea, turn on some relaxing music, and read some encouraging Scripture!

My mantra is: Sometimes you just have to let go.

This can be of toxic people stressing you out, or trying to control outcomes or realizing you just need to let go or be dragged.

#topicoftheday‍ #stress‍

"So it goes" From Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut

My coworker/friend/mentor gave me a pep talk recently and he said "You have everything you need, except confidence ... but that will come, and until then we've got you."

It's been in my head for weeks and is helping me to feel like I'm not alone during a very stressful phase.

Morning meditation and deep breathing exercises during the day often help. I also try to go outdoors during lunch or breaks and take in some sunlight. Sunlight is very healing! ##

We'll burn that bridge when we get to it #Topicoftheday #Stress

Another really helpful thing I do when I'm overwhelmed is stop, close my eyes and listen to all the sounds (small and big) around me for 10-20 seconds. This helps me re-focus and gives me a break from overthinking. #

I love all of these!

I had the opportunity to go to a meditation class recently with @Ruzwana Bashir‍ in which the teacher taught a principle that really stuck with me in moments of stress: pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. There is a space between those two things in which you either choose to latch on to the pain or you ride it like a wave and let it pass.

Walking works for me. I started using fitbit band a few months ago and aim for 10K per day.

I envision what I want the results to be! I take a long, slow breath in, push it out and in my spirit, know that all is well.

Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to it -- Don't let anything get to you and always remember that the situation you're in is actually very unimportant in the grand scheme of things! Take a step back and think about how you want to react to the stress!

Running! Somehow only then does my mind stop its frantic crazy going round in circles and allow me to calmly process everything going on.

Breathe. I'm alive, now how can I make the best of this day? #topicoftheday

I like to think of my stressors in terms of time. I only have to deal with this for another twenty minutes, an hour, three hours. I can do anything for three hours. Breaking it up into a manageable time period really helps me feel less overwhelmed.

I use my little white board at work to write quotes or reminders that will motivate me to tackle whatever obstacles I have that week. Working out or going to a yoga class always reground me.

Everything happens for a reason. Look for the silver lining.

This is difficult to stick to, especially when feeling overwhelmed, but sooner or later (though generally sooner) the lesson will become clear and therefore you will find your silver lining. You just can't stop looking forward. Keep a positive mindset and you can get through even the toughest times.

Exercise doesn't hurt as a coping mechanism either ;)

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