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Watching This Hilarious Skit on the Wage Gap Will Make Your Day

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There is nothing like a hilarious video that also makes you really question our society. But that is exactly what happens in this new skit from the Australian comedy show Growing Up Gracefully. The skit focuses on the wage gap, which in that country is 16 percent. Now instead of just complaining about how unfair that is in the skit the ladies, sisters Hannah and Eliza Reilly, in this situation decided to take action. They just stopped working for the day at the point where they basically would be working for free anyway which in this case is 3:43 PM. "So we're gonna go do some fun shit," says one Reilly. "It's probably not a viable long-term solution but it just feels good," says the other. In terms of protesting the wage gap, this idea seems like one of the more pleasing ones.

The Reillys then go around to other professional women including a surgeon and a barrister of their pay gaps (43 and 72 percent respectively) which means they can also leave super early. This is really depressing but at least the video is entertaining. And the video wouldn't be much better in the U.S. as Labor Department data shows that women earned about 82 cents for every dollar a man made in 2016 which adds up to about $10,470 in median earnings a year, according to a March report from the NWLC. Yeah, we'd be leaving work early too. 3:43 is the new 5 PM.

The clip has been watched more than one million times, and it's been shared 12,000 times. Watch the video below.

Photo courtesy of ABC TV/Facebook

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