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Want To Intern at Goldman Sachs? Prepare To Take a Serious Personality Test

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We've all taken personality tests just to learn a little more about ourselves. (Myers Briggs INFJ over here.) However, more and more often, they're being used for more serious ventures—and your results could determine whether you get your dream job. Now, Goldman Sachs will soon give applicants "personality tests," according to Reuters.

But it's not a fun little quiz to determine if you're an introvert or an extrovert—it will determine whether you get the job. Goldman Sachs will compare answers of applicants to select those with the best working traits, such as good judgment, analytical thinking, and teamwork.

Goldman Sachs believes that the personality tests will be a help to applicants rather than a hindrance. “Take, for instance, the candidate who gets very nervous during formal, in-person interviews,” Goldman said in an emailed statement, according to Quartz. “This test allows us to see aspects of their personality, such as teamwork ability or judgment, that make them a strong candidate for a position.”

The bank will test out the test on interns starting next summer, and they'll be given before the second round of interviews.

"We're shifting from a world where you just used to look at GPA and resume and walk out with a feeling about an individual that you might want to hire," Goldman recruiting head Matt Jahansouz told Reuters. "We can now capture characteristics and data that might not be as obvious to make smarter hiring decisions."

(Richard Levine/Getty)

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