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Want To Become a Contributor For Levo? Here's How

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Do you love Levo? Do you have a story, comment or even just a photo that you think could elevate the learnings of other? Well, we want to hear your voice. Our community is the most important part of Levo. It is what makes us so passionate about the work we do which is why we want you to become a part of our community contributor network.

So What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for original voices that want to share experiences on career, lifestyle, where to find inspiration, mentors or even just a simple hack that helps you get out the door faster in the morning. It can be an essay (but it does not have to be long! Ideally 250-800 words is great), a list of ideas, a photo or video you want to tell a story about, etc., It just needs to be something that you believe will elevate the learning of another person.

How To Get Started

  1. Create a Levo profile (if you don’t have one already.) Go here to do so!
  2. Check out the current Levo campaign on Facebook and we will also announce it at the beginning of the month in an article and share it on all our social channels.
  3. Respond to our #TopicOfTheDay‍ prompt with thoughtful comments and responses and comment on articles on the site. This is a great way to ease your way into sharing with the community. Once we see that you have been participating in that actively and engaging with us then we will give you posting privileges.
  4. Write Your Article. We have a guide for how to post your article and get a lot of reads right here.
  5. Share Your Article. Please share your great piece of advice or inspiration on your personal social media channels and be sure to tag Levo! It will get more eyes on your article and make the conversation an even bigger one.
  6. Have fun! Remember, this is all about being inspired and sharing your voice so don't sweat it.

What not to do

  1. Use of offensive racial / gender / sexual preference / religion-bashing terms or other hurtful speech.
  2. Excessive use or unnecessary cuss words
  3. Use Spam
  4. Share any links to inappropriate content
  5. Make a personal attack on another member
  6. Make comments on grammar, spelling, one-liners, etc., Add value to the conversation! No room for snark or takedown pieces.
  7. Don’t just sell.

Your post will be deleted if you do any of the above.


Levo Contributors FAQ #About Levo
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Join the conversation:

This doesn't seem to provide enough information. Where exactly are we supposed to upload and publish our article once written?

Can someone please share the link to the guide or tell us where we can find a place to share posts? I'm very excited to get started.


I applied to be a contributor; where can we start writing within the site? Or do we write on our normal pages and tag levo on social media?

I'm a bit confused.

Thank you for all the help!


@Levo ⁠ I would also like more information. Thank you for offering this opportunity!

Thanks for the clear information.

Hey @Levo ⁠ would appropriate some more guidance as to what is considered "participating actively and engaging with us then we will give you posting privileges." I have been posting and commenting for a while now.. just wanted to make sure what to expect

Item number four states: "Write Your Article. We have a guide for how to post your article and get a lot of reads right here." However, the link to the guide mentioned is missing and there isn't any further information about how to post contributions elsewhere in the article. Can someone please post a link to the guide as soon as possible. Many comments to this post are several months old without response. We look forward to more information. Thank you!

@Levo ⁠ Hey! Following up to see if anyone received any clarity on this. I still don't see where I can write. Thanks

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