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Turns Out Forced Vacation is Actually Really Good For Employees

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We've all been there. You're excited to go on vacation, but then the anxiety starts to seep in bit by bit. You have so much work to do and have no time to pack. Then you start wondering if the WiFi is going to be any good at the hotel. Next thing you know you're having a downward spiral freaking out about all of the work you're going to miss.

That's why Neil Pasricha and Shashank Nigam (the CEO of SimpliFlying) decided to test what would happen if they forced employees to take scheduled weeks off every seven weeks. This idea is based off of designer Stefan Sagmeister. During his TED talk "The Power of Time Off" he told the crowd that every seven years he takes a year off to energize himself.

After 12 weeks the managers found that employee productivity, creativity, and happiness levels rose before and after the mandatory time off. "Creativity went up 33%, happiness levels rose 25%, and productivity increased 13%. It’s a small sample, sure, but there’s a meaningful story here. When we dive deeper on creativity, the average employee score was 3.0 before time off and 4.0 after time off. For happiness, the average employee score was 3.2 before time off and 4.0 afterward. And for productivity, the average employee score was 3.2 before and rose to 3.6."

So next time you're nervous to schedule that time off do it! You are most productive when you're happy and not burnt out.

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