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5 Tips For Taking The Ultimate Selfie You’ll Never Delete

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With “selfie” being the word of 2013 I think it is time we acknowledge that this is no passing fad, this is now a part of our lives. A long time ago sitting down for self-portraits was something most people did not only for self record but because, hey, it looked cool. A selfie is a more obnoxious, in your face, 24/7 version of that. Heck, the entire fashion/lifestyle blogging industry is built around people taking pictures of themselves.

But taking a good selfie can have importance if you are trying to build your personal brand. LinkedIn’s career expert Nicole Williams believes adamantly in the power of a good profile picture so why wouldn’t that translate to a good selfie as well. Andrea Letamendi, a doctor of psychology at UCLA, said in an interview, “Now that we can interact with hundreds — no, thousands — of people simultaneously, we’ve strengthened the impact that others have on our self-value.” That puts a lot of pressure on a casual selfie.

And maybe a great selfie doesn’t have to mean you making pouty lips or just wearing a fabulous outfit. Maybe it is more about capturing an amazing moment in your life. Show people when you are an awesome conference or meeting someone fabulous. Hey, if you got to be in a picture with Oprah and there was no one there to take it, you are going to want to know how to take a good selfie.

Well, luckily, we have some great selfie tips from Constantine Opris, a professional photographer for, would like to do the world a favor by offering some tips to take a good “selfie.”

1. Watch your back! Usually, when taking a self portrait, you’re not fully aware of what’s behind you. That can open the door for funny photobombs or backgrounds with a high chance of turning into a meme. So, if you don’t want to be the laughing stock of the internet, check your surroundings. Public bathrooms: just don’t do it.

2. Unless you’re Miss Universe, never take a selfie from below, aiming up. Instead, shoot frontal, or even better, look up slightly. Dreamstime photo sales have shown that people photographed from an above angle appear more positive, optimistic and confident.

3. Consider lighting. You should have more light directed towards your face than coming from your back. Otherwise you will just be a silhouette on a nicely lit background.

4. Turn off the flash. If you’re taking a mirror selfie, chances are the flash will be reflected back and it will become the main subject of your photo, not you. Also, this tends to be a gross shot of toothpaste or mirror smudges.

5. Use the front-side camera, if you’re taking the photo from your smartphone. This will let you better control the frame than a mirror.

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