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Tips For Staying in Touch

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Being in a another country is no easy task for your relationships. But after almost two years of continuous travel, sometimes it can feel like most of my relationships require the effort of someone who lives halfway across the country.

The most important people in my life are spread around the world, literally in so many different countries and time zones. And here I am in Europe making even the close ones very far away.

I like to think I’m pretty darn good at keeping in touch with my people. Whether it’s texting, a good google hangout or just a quick email, my best friends and my family never feel too far. Are there relationships that I haven’t kept in touch with? Of course. And that’s okay. But I’ve put a lot of work into maintaining the ones that need to be on my life’s train.

One of the worst feelings is knowing that you need to catch up with someone, but you keep putting it off because there is just SO much to talk about that you can never allocate enough time–so you never actually call. It just silly! And we all do it.

This Christmas, one of my absolute best friends (who JUST GOT ENGAGEDDDDDDD) mentioned how much easier it is to just pick up the phone and facetime your people for five minutes. You don’t have to put the pressure on yourself for having a life catch up, but it literally gives you the quality facetime you need to feel their love and enjoy their closeness. It’s the five minute facetime that has made such a difference in my relationships the past four months.

I find myself pressing that facetime button to call my mom quickly. I’ll facetime a friend hours ahead of me when I get home from the bars in SF. I’ll facetime one of my besties in NZ just to say hi. I facetime my nephews so I can see their curls and smiles. And I don’t need hours, nor do I put the pressure on myself to talk to them for *that* long.

Our relationships are one of the most contributing factors in joy that we have, which is why having strategies for staying in touch are so insanely important. Keep those people close, it only takes 5 minutes, promise.

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