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This Work Habit of Gen Z May Surprise You

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Though like millennials Gen Z can often be found with their head glued to a screen when it comes to instruction for their career, they prefer it to be in person. A recent study from Wainhouse Research finds that instructor-led training remains workers' top preference for employee learning.

The research found that for those employees below the age of 49 they preferred instructor-led training (just a little) to short-clip videos. Younger employees also ranked informal conversations with experts higher than other age groups.

This once again reinforces that Gen Z is game for feedback. This is a generation that has learned how to do everything with the many technological tools that have been given to them but they still want some light guidance. They do want that human contact. Gen Z is much more interested in mentorship and sponsorship than you would expect. Not surprisingly, the Wainhouse Research found that the over-50 crowd didn't view coaching and mentoring as high as Gen Z.

This is just another surprising work habit of Gen Z. Based on research conducted by the Levo Institute and the Adecco Millennial Economy Report, Gen Z is constantly defying stereotypes when it comes to their career.

In the survey of [1,354 people between the ages of 18 and 24], 50 percent of both Millennials and Gen Z cohorts felt optimistic about their job search, but their views on educational preparation differed. Like Millennials, Gen Z cares about finding a meaningful career and a compatible work environment, but they're more pragmatic when it comes to the realities of employment. Thirty-six percent of Gen Z say the opportunity for growth is their No.1 priority. Their top concerns are paying for their education, affording their own place to live (and not going back to live with mom and dad).

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