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This Quality That Women Tend To Have Turns Out To Make Them Great at Running Companies

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We all know the deal. The number of women leading companies is actually pretty low, especially at the Fortune 500 level (though actually there are more than ever right now.) And even though more and more women are founding companies everyday, they are still struggling to raise capital and dealing with a lot of other issues simply because they are women. But managers and investors and the world should take note of a new study from the University of Vaasa in Finland which finds that in creative industries it is intuitive, spontaneous women that have the most potential for leading a company to success.

According to the doctoral thesis of Piia Uusi-Kakkuri, creative industries want "transformational" leaders. Women totally fit the bill on that one. See transformational is defined as not the leaders who are just going to care about hitting all the goals and making profits but the ones who want to try all those crazy ideas and listen to their employees and guide them through mentorship. Transformational leaders are all about following their gut and intuition and taking risks. Sounds like some awesome female leaders we know like Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, Jennifer Hyman, Lauren Bush Lauren, Katrina Lake, Alexandra Friedman and Jordana Kier, Emily Weiss and the list goes on and on.

New research and an analysis published by venture capital firm, First Round Capital, showed that companies with at least one female founder have a higher ROI. The study found that more than 300 companies and nearly 600 founders, companies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than investments with all-male founding teams.

And the inaugural report from The Everest Project that looked at two year’s worth of interviews with 132 senior-level female executives, including Black, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBTQ women in the U.S. found that 57 percent of the strategic or structural changes in these companies were led by women. The authors wrote that female leaders “use an integrated set of leadership skills, qualities, and behaviors to transform the cultures of their organizations, creating corporate cultures more open to innovation.” Also, the report found that most female leaders love to push the limits when it comes to their organizations. They are consistently experimenting and opposing the status quo, leading to a lot of risk taking that is paying off for these companies. It also found that women are redefining collaboration. “I know the way we’re going to be able to get to the right place is through collaboration and making sure we’re bringing those pieces out and the folks who have the expertise,” said one executive. It’s what another executive calls “consultative decision making.”

More women in charge just makes sense!

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