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This Is Why You Should Never Reveal What You Make During a Job Interview

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Barring any disastrous faux pas, by far the most awkward element of a job interview is salary negotiation. It's uncomfortable enough as it is, but it's doubled when your interviewer asks what you made at your last job, or what you're making currently.

After all, you want to make more than what you make right now, and you don't want your employer to have the upper hand. But there's good news: legally, you don't have to answer any questions about your salary history. And statistically speaking, you probably shouldn't.

According to a new report by PayScale--an online salary, benefits, and compensation information company--giving information on your salary in the past can "suppress [your] salary for the duration of [your] career." In fact, the report highlights this particulary harms women:

"[Ba]sing a new hire’s salary on what they made at previous jobs could potentially cost them thousands--if not hundreds of thousands--of dollars in wages over a lifetime; the perseverance of the gender pay gap is often attributed--at least partly--to this practice."

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