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This Is What It's Like To Find a Puma Under Your Office Desk (Yes, a Puma)

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It's always so nice when you walk into the office and someone has brought in a fresh batch of cookies or maybe their cute little dog. But you know what maybe isn't so nice? When there is a growling puma waiting under your desk. This sounds like something totally made up, but this actually happened to the employees of an office near Sao Paulo, Brazil and they have the pictures to prove it.

The fire department had to be called in to come get the very large and growling mountain lion. The cougar most likely ended up there after being driven out of its home by forest fires, the fire department speculated.

The puma is now in the custody of Mata Ciliar, an environmental charity, and those employees are hopefully safely back at work unless a tiger shows up in the break room tomorrow.

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