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This is How Much Money in Productivity Was Lost to the Eclipse

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So there was the little thing called the eclipse yesterday and apparently people were really into it. Who knew that all it took to get the world's attention span was a once and lifetime astronomical phenomenon?

We all stopped Netflix and chillin for a bit as views of the streaming platform dropped by 10 percent during the eclipse as people had to go outside to watch.

And Netflix wasn't the only one to lose attention. More than 66 million shared their eclipse experiences on Facebook. This came to about 240 million interactions (defined as posts, shares, comments and reactions), according to the social media platform which puts it ahead of the 2017 Super Bowl (not even Lady Gaga can beat the sun and moon.) Eclipse-related videos, both live and non-live, were actually viewed over 365 million times.

As you can imagine though this meant not much work was getting done. As reported by Forbes it was estimated that American productivity would take a hit of about $700 million which is a bit more than lost productivity dollars at March Madness time but no where near as bad as Amazon Prime Day.


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