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This Company May Offer the Most Important Perk Ever

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Being financially savvy is a huge part of #adulting successfully, but it is also super tricky. Plus, we also are all busy people who would rather do about a million other things than talk about saving for retirement or picking out an Roth IRA during our free time.

However, what if you had a whole day that could be devoted to financial planning? Well, SunTrust Banks has a program for their employees just for that. It gives $1,000 for employee emergency funds, plus an extra day off work for employees to specifically focus on getting their finances in order. And now SunTrust is offering the program to other notable companies including Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and 1-800 Contacts so their employees can also benefit.

This is part of a program called "Momentum onUp," and so far the results have been positive as employees who are in the program increased their budget from 43 percent to 87 percent, and those with an emergency savings improved from 68 percent to 98 percent. Employees also increased their investment contributions for retirement by 35 percent.

"More than 40 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 75 percent report experiencing financial stress," said Bill Rogers, chairman and CEO of SunTrust. "Progressive companies can improve overall wellness in America by offering a financial fitness program for their employees."

With a day off and a great base for an emergency fund, you would really have no excuse to start getting in shape financially.


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