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2 Things You Must Do Before Networking Events

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The benefits of attending networking events are clear.

You have the opportunity to network with industry leaders that can give you valuable career advice and tips on how to land a job in the industry. They might even introduce you to other industry professionals in their network.

Before they refer you to anyone in their network they are going to want to see two things. Do you know what they are?

Your LinkedIn profile and your resume are the two most important things to have ready before attending networking events.

After you impress people during the networking event by telling A Rock Star Career Story the conversation will most likely end with the person saying, “Here’s my card, send me your resume, and I will take a look.”

When you email your resume to your new contact, they are not going to look at your resume. Instead they are going to look at your LinkedIn profile. They want to see if you share any mutual contacts and learn a little more about you for context. If they are unimpressed with your LinkedIn profile they’re probably not going to look at your resume.

To Avoid This, Your LinkedIn Profile Should…

  • Have an eye-catching headline.
  • Discuss accomplishments in more detail than on your resume.
  • Have an up–to-date work history.
  • Be typo-free and proofread by a friend or mentor.

Read this awesome article for more detail “Create A LinkedIn Profile That Rocks: 7 tips.”

Once you have impressed your new contact with your LinkedIn profile, they are going to be eager to review your resume.

Your Resume Should…

  • Have a career summary at the top.
  • Show results and not just industry jargon.
  • Have your greatest accomplishments listed top to bottom.
  • Be easy to read with your experience bulleted out.

I am not a resume expert, but Don Goodman offers great tips in this article: 4 Ways to Turn Resume Fluff into Marketable Facts

Finding A Job Requires Networking, so remember to have a rock star LinkedIn profile and resume ready, before you go to networking events.

I want you to do three simple things
  1. Create a rock star LinkedIn profile by following the advice above.
  2. Create a rock star resume by following the advice above.
  3. Have these two things ready before attending networking events.

How do you prepare for networking events? Tell us in the comments.


Networking Career Advice
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This is particularly important if you're a job seeker. Notice he never mentioned a cover letter..."If you're networking effectively, you should never have to write a cover letter to land a job"

Carly Heitlinger
Carly Heitlinger

It's also important to remember that you never really know when a networking event will happen. Meeting someone in the elevator or sitting next to someone on a plane! It's a good idea to always have it updated even if you're not going to a formal "networking event."

So helpful. I like the idea that the profile page and resume work together to tell your story for you.

I love this advice, John! Having your digital professional presence ready before you go to these meetings gives you confidence, helps you clearly articulate who you are and what you've done, and is a pleasant surprise and demonstration of being buttoned-up when people look you up after they've met you in person.

Another way to make your resume more sharable is to create a personalized link that points to it, or your LinkedIn online.

Sara - very tech savvy of you ! Love it.

To Sara's comment below I'd also consider creating an page where you can link to Linkedin and other sites that represent your experience.

Elana Gross
Elana Gross

Great article! I read Kate White's newest book for LocalLEVO Book Club and she said that your goal before every networking event should be to make one good connection and follow up. This is so much less overwhelming than going into a networking event thinking that you have to talk to every single person at the event.

Feeling inspired to clear the cobwebs off my LinkedIn and resume. Time for an updated digital professional presence!

Thanks for the LinkedIn profile advice, I never knew what type of detail I should include - this helps so much!

Brenda Storer
Brenda Storer

This is why I am still a fan of business cards! I have my resume up online and have a link on my business card to it, so it's an easy take away to give a new contact and they can check me out in detail later.

Keeping track of ones achievements is essential for a good resume. However it's hard to keep everything updated if you are busy working at your job. Once that resume needs to be updated there is no way remember everything what had been accomplished. So I started to send myself emails with the subject "RESUME" once something happened I need to remember.

Once I have time I just do a search and all these emails show up - ready for copy and paste to my resume.

This article has inspired me to update my LinkedIn resume is in tip-top shape, but improving my digital presence will be a strong step ahead

This is great advice! Even if you're not actively attending networking events, you never know when you'll happen to meet someone that can help you develop your career. You want to always be prepared.

Be ready to talk, but most importantly be ready to listen. Far too often people are so concentrated on telling their story that they fail to create a real connection with someone at a networking event. Know what you are good at and be ready to discuss it!

Great tips John. Simple and easy to follow. You've motivated me to update my Levo and linkedIn profile.

Great article John and input fellow levo leaguers. You've all given me new ideas to prepare myself for the workforce. Also someone gave me a great idea if you use a page. Get a QR code and put that on your business cards. It's a digital and mobile age, also it puts less work on potential employers. Good luck out there ^_^

Thanks for commenting Maxie: I agree with you 100%. If you are networking effectively a cover letter is not needed. You just have to show the employer a resume to make sure everything checks out.

Sara Chipps: I like the idea of creating a bitly for your resume. The only problem with that is that your resume has to live online somewhere. A link to your LinkedIn profile is great to have on all your social media profiles.

Elana Gross: I am glad that you enjoyed the article. Kate White's book gave you great advice. Networking isn't a numbers games. It's about building strong connections a couple at a time over a lifetime.

Kathryn Worsham, Kaitlyn Kirby, Nicholas Flanders: Thanks for the comments. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or get stuck while you are updating your profiles.

Brenda Storer: Business cards are great to remind people to ook you up online. I feel that they have a short shelf life though.

Vico Zabel: Keeping track of accomplishments is super important. An easier way to do this would to be to use Evernote to keep track of the task you accomplish each day. Just create notes for each month. This way you will have everything you accomplished, and best of all Evernote is searchable. Let me know if you want help setting it up.

Kristen Andersson: Listening is such a huge part of networking. You can't help people if you are not listening to what they need.


John, really enjoyed this article. And thanks so much for linking to our "How to Write a LInkedIn Profile That Rocks" in it. Otherwise, I would never have known about Levo League. How lame would that be? --KImberly at One Thing New

Great advice! Having DropBox on my phone really helps with the resume-in-a-pinch situation. I'm also always carrying a few business cards.

This is SO true. I was actually recruited while I was having a total "off" day. Even though I've been with the same company for almost two years, I ALWAYS keep things updated.

Sawyer Xie
Sawyer Xie

Hey, I made a "tinder style" networking app. Our goal is to connect the next generation of professionals by providing a relevant mobile networking tool for professionals. I'd really appreciate if you downloaded the app and gave us your feedback! Download here:

Dear John, thank you very much for writing this article!

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