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These Are the Best and Worst States For Working Moms

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With Mother's Day coming up this weekend we can't help but think of moms. Women make up almost half of the U.S. workforce, and over 70 percent of women with children under the age of 18 are working mothers. Having the most support possible whether that be salary to female unemployment rate to day-care quality determines which states are the best for working moms. WalletHub looked at all 50 states based on 13 key metrics to determine which ones were best for working moms. Here's what they found.

Best States for Working Moms

1. Vermont

2. Minnesota

3. New Jersey

4. Delaware

5. Conneticut

6. Massachusetts

7. Maine

8. Rhode Island

9. New York

10. Illinois

Some interesting findings included:

New York has the highest day-care quality score, 116, which is five times better than in Idaho, registering the lowest at 23.

Virginia has the highest median women’s salary (adjusted for cost of living), $42,814, which is 1.9 times higher than in Hawaii, registering the lowest at $22,645.

The District of Columbia has the most pediatricians per 100,000 residents, 52.51, which is 28.2 times more than in Idaho, registering the fewest at 1.86.

As for the worst states for working moms, take a look.

42. Wyoming

43. West Virginia

44. New Mexico

45. Idaho

46. Mississippi

47. Alaska

48. Arizona

49. Nevada

50. Louisiana

51. Alabama

To see the full report go here.

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