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These Are 4 Lessons We Learned From Tiffany Dufu, Author of "Drop the Ball"

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Earlier this week our own @Maxie McCoy‍ got the chance to talk to Levo’s Chief Leadership Officer, @Tiffany Dufu‍ at The Wing. Tiffany has spent her life advancing women and girls and now she has a new book, "Drop The Ball" (out today!) to help us all figure out which balls to drop and how.

Watch the live conversation between Tiffany Dufu and Maxie McCoy above! Also be sure to comment below on the video with your top takeaway to be entered in a giveaway for the book! 

Tiffany is always overflowing with the best advice you’ve ever heard. And this conversation was no different. And while there were too many amazing nuggets to count, these were our 4 favorites:

Ask yourself: Is this of my highest and best use? Whether you’re saying yes to too many meetings that you don’t actually need to be in or maybe you’re spending hours scheduling play dates that your partner could easily help with, this question is key to sorting what you should get help with.

Your value doesn’t come from performance. Separate your obsession with being a “good” daughter, friend, sister, or partner in order to feel less guilt dropping the ball.   

Self care isn’t something you can drop the ball on. Tiffany has a mean workout and sleep routine, which she calls part of her 4 go-tos. 

To do less, you have to love yourself as imperfect. Controlling everything won’t get you anywhere. But loving yourself regardless of the mistakes you make will.

Learn more of Tiffany’s life-changing lessons and step onto the fast track of success at home and work in Drop the Ball. Preorder here, out Feb 14.


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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How Tiffany suggests we use affirmation to ask others for support was really wonderful. I haven't heard affirmations used in that way before, and I think it will help me ask for help more fearlessly. Asking for help often feels like a last resort and makes one feel weaker in the eyes of others. This method instead capitalizes on the positive image that the other has of you, while also reminding yourself that it's okay to need a helping hand. Sounds like a great read - excited to get it in my hands!

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